7 Super Foods for Dogs

Eating healthy is just as important for our four-legged friends as it is for their two-legged masters.

More and more of us humans are finding healthier alternatives for feeding our beloved pets, especially in light of all the recent publicity that has been surrounding animal illnesses and deaths. You can share many superfoods with your dog, keeping both of you as healthy as you can be. If you’re already exercising with your dog by walking or jogging, try supplementing the dog’s diet with some of the superfoods for dogs listed in the accompanying infographic, and you’ll gain even more benefits from your exercise sessions!


Meet the Author: Amber Kingsley

Amber is a young BFA graduate of a liberal arts university, who majored in art history, and is now traveling as much as possible while working as a freelance writer. She loves art, photography, and music. She also has a puppy named Charles ("Charlie") Xavier.

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