A Look at Ten of Our Favorite Turkey Recipes

At last—a whole month to celebrate everybody’s favorite festive bird: the turkey!

Turkey Lovers’ Month is finally upon us, and we couldn’t be happier to have an excuse to enjoy turkey in June.

There are so many reasons to love turkey: not only is it tasty, but it’s a lean protein that offers plenty of vitamins and minerals and leaves you feeling nice and full. Guess what? Your pets love turkey for the exact same reason, which is why we’ve developed plenty of recipes to cater to them.

If your dog (or cat!) is a turkey fanatic, here are 10 The Honest Kitchen products to treat them to while celebrating Turkey Lovers’ Month.

Grain Free Turkey Whole Food Clusters

The ingredient list for our Grain Free Turkey Whole Food Clusters reads a lot like the shopping list for an incredible Thanksgiving feast: turkey, potatoes, peas, lentils, carrots, broccoli, pumpkin, and a whole lot more.

Like all of our whole food clusters, this one is chock full of nutrients thanks to our deliberate preparation process: ingredients are mixed in small batches then are cold pressed, slow roasted, and dehydrated, making sure none of the good stuff goes to waste. Our whole food clusters are good enough for you to eat, but designed to make your dog salivate.

turkey clusters

Whole Grain Turkey Recipe

Simplicity is the name of the game with our dehydrated Whole Grain Turkey Recipe. First, the ingredients are simple: turkey (of course), organic oats, potatoes, organic flaxseed, carrots, cabbage, apples, honey, organic kelp, and garlic. That’s it, that’s all. Second, the preparation process is simple: just add warm water to our dehydrated recipe, give it a stir, and watch your dog gobble up a complete and balanced meal. Simply delicious.

turkey whole grain

Grain Free Turkey Recipe

If you like to keep it simple but your dog prefers no grains, not to worry: we’ve got a dehydrated Grain Free Turkey Recipe for dogs like yours. It’s got all the tastiness described above, minus the oats (and cabbage, honey, and garlic) and plus a few yummy extras: spinach, organic coconut, eggs, bananas, celery, and cranberries.

turkey grain free

Grain Free Limited Ingredient Turkey Recipe

After something even simpler? No problem—our Grain Free Limited Ingredient Turkey Recipe is our simplest dehydrated turkey recipe with only six ingredients: cage-free turkey, parsnips, navy bean, organic coconut, pumpkin, and parsley—because we believe dogs with food sensitivities deserve delectable meals, too.

Don’t Forget the Cats!

Because cats love turkey, too, we have a special dehydrated Grain Free Turkey Recipe for our feline friends. We’ve mixed turkey, eggs, pumpkin, potatoes, parsley, kale, and cranberries with minerals and vitamins to create a high calorie, low carb, turkey-ful food for your cat.

turkey and foods

Turkey Superfood Pour Over

It’s a turkey double whammy: our Turkey Superfood Pour Over contains both turkey bone broth and turkey, plus spinach, kale, broccoli, tapioca, potato, and turmeric, to form one scrumptious turkey stew—canine-approved. Make regular kibble something special by adding this slow-cooked turkey goodness to treat to your dog to a delicious, nutritious dish.

Pumpkin Pour Over with Turkey

Nothing goes better with turkey dinner than a fresh-baked pumpkin pie, and our Pumpkin Pour Over with Turkey combines the best of both worlds into one chunky, pourable pumpkin turkey stew. With apples, butternut squash, tapioca, potato, cinnamon, and ginger, this pour over packs a nutritious punch any time of year—not just at Thanksgiving.

Turkey and Salmon Bone Broth Pour Overs

While all of our ingredients are 100% human grade, some of our recipes are better suited to your pup’s taste buds. You might hesitate to mix salmon and turkey in a single dish for yourself, but trust us: your dog will love our Turkey and Salmon Bone Broth Pour Over. With carrots, butternut squash, tapioca, thyme, and sage, your dog will go nuts over chunks of turkey and salmon in a turkey bone broth.

turkey pour over

Grain Free Turkey Recipe Proper Toppers

Our protein-packed Grain Free Turkey Recipe Proper Toppers will elevate regular kibble to your dog’s delight. It doesn’t get more turkey-y than this: 90% of these clusters consists of cage free turkey, with the remaining 10% consisting of apples, pumpkin, kale, blueberries, and plenty of nutritious vitamins.

turkey meal booster

Turkey and Turmeric Instant Bone Broth

You know how a turkey dinner always tastes better when smothered in gravy? This is the equivalent in the world of dog food: just mix our Turkey and Turmeric Instant Bone Broth with warm water and use it to top your dog’s regular food with a protein-rich flavorful punch.


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