Best Apple Recipes for Dogs

Apples are a healthy treat for your dog—and super tasty, too!

There’s an abundant array of apples at your local grocery stores, and you may be tempted to pick some up to share with your pooches. Go ahead—this is a sweet treat you can share with your pupper without worry. And to help you, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite dog treat recipes that feature apples as a main ingredient.

Pumpkin Spice and Apple Dog Treats

The smell of pumpkin spice in the air—and now, this autumn staple is now a treat for our four-legged best friends. Made with The Honest Kitchen’s Pumpkin Spice Latte powder—a nourishing blend of goat’s milk, pumpkin, honey and aromatic spices—the smell of apples and spices will engage many an eager wagging tail.

Gluten-Free Apple Loaf

It smells better than an apple cinnamon candle! This Gluten-Free Apple Loaf is moist, delicious, and a little sweet. You’ll feel good about giving your pooch this wholesome homemade seasonal treat that comes complete with a crisp, cinnamon and apple topping.

Gluten-Free Apple and Carrot Dog Treat Recipe

Celebrate the seasonal bounty with apple and cinnamon. These dog treats include freshly picked apples and carrots, along with The Honest Kitchen’s Limited Ingredient Duck Recipe, which adds cage-free duck and sweet potatoes to the mix.

Cheese and Apple Gluten Free Dog Muffins

Cheddar cheese brings out the sweetness in the apple, turning this muffin into the best thing since apple pie! Don’t wait for the weekend to whip up a batch—these tasty treats can be enjoyed all week long.

Gluten-Free Awesome Apple Dog Treats

Apples taste best in the fall—they’re crisp, sweet and juicy. This wonderful fruit is full of the good stuff. Apples are a source of vitamins A and C, and fiber. This recipe calls for a grated apple, so make sure you keep the apple seeds out of the dough.

Apple Crisp Dog Treat Recipe

This recipe will bring back warm, sweet memories—only this time, this dessert is for your pooch. Made with all-natural ingredients, you’ll be happy to feed this treat to your dog.

Applesauce and Oatmeal Dog Treats

Applesauce is wonderful to use in baking recipes—for people and pets. It can be substituted for butter or fat, while adding fantastic flavor and texture. It especially comes in handy when baking gluten-free recipes, as it adds extra moisture, fiber, and nutrients.

Grain Free Chicken Apple Gluten Free Pupcakes

If you’re throwing a puppy party or just celebrating how awesome your dog is, make the occasion extra special with these Chicken Apple Pupcakes. Made with gluten-free flour, apple, cinnamon, and The Honest Kitchen’s Grain Free Chicken Recipe, these treats are the icing on the pupcake of your dog’s day!

Apple Cinnamon Crispy Dog Treats

The key to a healthy diet is a daily serving of fruit and there’s no fruit tastier to a dog than apples. Combine them with cinnamon and you’ve got yourself a healthy, tasty treat your pup will drool over.

Gluten-Free Pumpkin and Apple Dog Treats

Pumpkin puree is full of fiber and beta-carotene, and it helps keep your dog’s digestion running smoothly. Additionally, we’ve added a freshly picked apple—it’s harvest time, and there are so many varieties to choose from at the grocery store.

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