The Best Gear for Giant Breeds

Newfies and mastiffs and pyrs…oh, my!

Giant breeds of dogs bring a huge amount of love to their families. Unfortunately, finding appropriately-sized dog products can be a struggle for people who love giant dogs. We’ve combed through the sizing guides of pet manufacturers to hone in on the best, just-their-size gear for giant breeds.


Buying a too-small pet bed means it’ll sit in the corner without ever being used. Your dog just won’t be able to get comfortable. Finding a bed big enough for the largest pups isn’t easy. Enter Big Shrimpy! The XL beds in their line are for dogs over 100 pounds. Huge beds aren’t cheap, and Big Shrimpy’s are guaranteed for three years, though they contend that the beds can last a lifetime. Plus, all components are machine-washable.1



Not all large breeds need apparel, of course (think a big, thick St. Bernard coat). But, for short-haired giant breeds like Great Danes, finding apparel that’s large enough can be a daunting task. Plus, most apparel sized for the big guys don’t have the range of design options available for the smaller pups. Chilly Dog Sweaters come in sizes up to XXX Large in cute, modern designs. We adore the Black Skull style.2


Leashes and Collars

Skinny, decorative gear just won’t cut it for the biggest breeds. Thin collars can injure their neck, and flimsy equipment can snap, even with a gentle walker. For safety’s sake, you want to look for thick and durable collars and leashes. Figure out what works best for your dog and his style of walking. Can’t decide? Consult a science-based dog trainer to help you assess what equipment works best. It may be that your dog could benefit from an alternative like a harness or headcollar.3



Cleaning up after a big dog is a big job. Consider adding in a digestive support supplement like Perfect Form. Many giant breeds are prone to joint issues. It’s important to keep your giant at a healthy weight, but ask your vet if additional supplements to care for your pup’s joints should be added into your routine.

Durable toys

Get a group of giant dog owners together, and they’ll all laugh about the same thing: so-called “durable” dog toys. No toy can be truly indestructible, but bigger breed lovers have a tough time finding ones that even make it for a few minutes. Focus on tougher-styles of activity toys made for big and powerful breeds.

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