Cleaning Shortcuts for Busy Pet Owners

Busy pet owners don’t have much time to clean the house; they’d rather be playing with their pets!

You want a clean house but there’s just not enough time in the day. Add pets into the equation and that mess seems to grow twofold. It’s hard to ignore muddy paw prints, furry tumbleweeds and chewed up bits of who-knows-what.

Hey, we’re pet owners too, so we know what it feels like to be stuck with a mess that won’t clean itself. In order to make the most of your free time, we’ve come up with a few hacks that’ll let you hang out with your pets instead of your vacuum cleaner.

Pet wipes, everywhere!

Snow and water turn paws into yucky print patterns that turn up on your floor and furniture. Wipe them out before they happen by keeping disposable pet wipes close to the door. That way, they’re handy for quick cleanups and removing dirt from your dog’s paws. Using wipes will prevent time-consuming cleanup later.

Floor mats at the door.

After playing outdoors and going for a walk, your dog can’t wait to come in and bring the outside in with him. Dirt, grime and mud stick to your dog’s paws and fur. Cut down on the grime by stopping the madness at the door. Place floor mats at each door that leads outside. They’ll help absorb some of the muck before your dog has a chance to spread it throughout your home.

Removable dog bed cover.

Forget replacing your dog bed when it starts to look grimy; invest in a bed that has a removable fabric cover. Clean it regularly by throwing it into the washing machine. Even your dog will appreciate a clean place to sleep.

Neutralize odors.

As pet owners, we become immune to the smells that come from our dog. We live with the odors for so long we become used to them, even the strong scent of dog urine. This kind of accident needs immediate cleaning. After clean-up you may not be able to smell it, but your dog can and will continue to use the same areas repeatedly. Neutralize odors deep down by using an enzyme-based pet odor neutralizer.

Clean the floors frequently.

For carpet and hardwood, invest in an automatic vacuum cleaner that can do all the work on its own. Press the start button or program it to work while you’re at work; it’ll roll around and keep your house clean. It makes a world of difference not just in the cleanliness of your home, but also in the amount of time it frees up for you.

Importance of an air filter.

Dander and dust particles are flying around your home, you just can’t see them. Even though they don’t cause a mess, these nasty bits are making their way into your lungs. Stop inhaling airborne particles by investing in an air filter (there are ones that are have specially made for pets). They contain built-in ionizers that lessen allergens and supply fresh air. That way, the air in your home is clean, and that’s nothing to gasp at!

A clean home is more inviting to you and your guests, and it’s important for a healthy lifestyle. Regular cleaning may seem like an overwhelming chore, but by doing little things here and there, you can tidy messes before they can get out of hand.

Meet the Author: Amy Tokic

Amy Tokic is the Editor of, the flagship site to over 70 different pet communities, which offers pet parents a one-stop-info-shop for all things dog and cat related. Amy's been with PetGuide since the beginning, guided by the wisdom of her Shih Tzu mix and furry roommate, Oscar. Together, this pet power couple has their paw on the pulse of the pet industry, sniffing out trends, advice, news, tasty treat recipes and other tail-wagging stories.

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