Dangerously Overweight Shiba Inu Begins Road to Recovery

In August of 2014, a very special dog came into Kim & Sean Linde’s lives.

They’d been searching for a friend to keep their 3 year old Shiba Inu, Norman, company during the day. Knowing they wanted to adopt an adult dog that was in need rather than start over with another puppy they utilized social media in their search for a new friend.

Along Came Cody

He clearly had a heart of gold but his weight issue was SCARY. You see Cody was 104 lbs. at the time he was adopted; that is 2.5 times the weight he should be. Imagine an adult human who ideally should weigh 150lbs, weighing 375lbs.

In his past life, he’d been overloved and was at the point where his body almost couldn’t take any more. The veterinarian that examined Cody at the time of his surrender was concerned he’d have a heart attack at any moment (as such Cody wasn’t allowed around other dogs) and that the future wasn’t very bright for this sweet soul.

Cody couldn’t stand for longer than a few seconds, but he still showed interest in everyone who was at the rescue that day. He walked to the door, set his face on the floor and laid down with such sadness that it brought tears to the eyes.

Overweight Cody at the shelter


Home With The Linde’s

When Cody came home all he did was lie on his side — so obese his legs stuck straight out, he looked like a stuffed dog most days. However, if you listened close each breath was a gentle whine, a struggle to lift his massive sides to get air…it was heartbreaking.

The Linde’s assessed Cody’s many issues and have been systematically tackling them ever since. They knew that since Cody didn’t have much mobility, diet would be KEY to his weight-loss plan. He needed dense nutrition with nothing extra to help his body heal from the inside out. That’s when the Linde’s found The Honest Kitchen and things began to get a bit better for Cody.

You see, being overweight often comes with a slew of related conditions; Cody didn’t digest food well and never had solid stools, his skin was easily irritated and had many hot spots (minor skin infections), his feet were overgrown from a lack of movement, the pads were distended due to the amount of weight they had to carry and his eyes ran constantly.

Fast Forward to Today

Cody’s been medicated for a thyroid problem, he gets daily walks (often hikes with hills) plus additional exercise throughout the day and he eats a strict diet of The Honest Kitchen foods. Cody rotates between the Grain Free Chicken Recipe and the Whole Grain Turkey (for variety sake). Cody enjoys three meals a day to help keep him full and keep his metabolism up; always with a sprinkle of Perfect Form to help with his digestion. He gets the occasional treat, but they are few and far between since Cody has BIG goals!

“We don’t like to give him too many treats, we don’t want to set him back, but sometimes he’s such a good boy we can’t help ourselves. The Quickies dog treats are a great compromise since they are only 1 calorie but are super aromatic and Cody thinks they’re very high value,” says Kim Linde.

Cody has lost 38lbs and is still working towards his goal weight of 40lbs. So far, with his new diet and exercise plan his skin has cleared up, his eyes no longer run, he always has healthy bowel movements and his energy levels are through the roof.

“Sometimes on walks, he gets a spurt of energy and starts jogging along, we have to jog ourselves just to keep up,” says Sean Linde. “He’s more involved with us day to day, following us about and starting shenanigans with his little brother, he’s a new dog! Thanks to The Honest Kitchen for helping us save our boy.”

Meet the Author: Kim Linde

Kim Linde is the owner of two happy Shiba Inus, Norman and Cody, who inspired her Get Fit with Cody program to help energize pets and their owners in their journeys towards health. An entrepreneur and introvert, she is an incurable organizer, hardcore communicator and champion of all those seeking to create the life of their dreams.

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