Dog Toys You Can Make at Home

If you’re spending a lot of time at home and looking for an activity, look no further!

Don’t fret! You can simply make your own. Here are a couple ideas for making a few toys for your dog from items you probably have lying around the house.

Rope Toy

HK_Blog_DogToys_002Every dog needs a rope toy to gnaw on. They’re perfect for playing catch, a friendly game of tug o’ war or just keeping her busy while chewing them on the floor. Instead of throwing away money on an expensive one at the store you can put one together at home with only a handful of items.


  • Scissors
  • Some old t-shirts

Grab a few t-shirts lying around the house you no longer wear. You can use as many as you want, but two or three should be plenty. Choose different and bright colors for your rope toy if you want it to stand out.

Start by cutting out strips at least 1 foot in length from each shirt. The size of your dog and toy will determine how many strips from each shirt, but three from each is a good starting point.

Lay the strips out next to one another, then while holding them together twist them around and tie a knot at one end. Make sure the ends of the strips are sticking out a little bit from the knot at the top.

If you’ve got hairdressing skills, now’s the time to put them to work. Separate each strip out then put them in groups of three. Now braid them from the knot down, but leave enough loose so you can tie a final knot at the other end. Voila!

Bottle Sock

HK_Blog_DogToys_003This is one of the simplest toys you could possibly make. All you need is an empty plastic water bottle with the cap and any wrapper or sticky goo removed, along with an old sock. Place the bottle inside the sock and tie a strong knot on the end so it won’t fall out. The crackling noises of the bottle will surely drive your dog nuts while he tries to figure out what’s inside.

Make sure to monitor your dog as he plays as he might tear through the sock and you don’t want him swallowing parts of the plastic bottle.

A Rope Ball

HK_Blog_DogToys_004Another simple toy to create is a rope ball. You’ll need a tennis ball along with some rope or sturdy fabric. Old t-shirts and dishtowels work great for this one too. Cut holes in opposite ends of the tennis ball and run your rope or fabric through both ends until the ball lies in the center of the strip.

Then, tie knots on each side of the ball to trap it in place. You can also tie knots on the ends of your rope or strip of fabric to give you and your dog something to hold on to. The rope ball works great as a fetching or tug o’ war toy.

When giving your dog any toy, whether purchased or made at home, be sure to monitor him at all times to keep him from swallowing anything that might be torn off.

Let us know what other toys you’ve made at home down in the comments!

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