Guide to Pomeranians

Not only are Pomeranians sweet little balls of fur, but they also make a wonderful addition to the family.

Pomeranians are well known for their docile temperament, intelligence, and devotion. And don’t let those cute looks fool you—the Pomeranian makes an excellent watchdog (just don’t expect him to scare anyone off!).

Big Personality in a Small Package

Pomeranians boast an easygoing personality, which makes them outgoing and easily trainable—plus, they love being the center of attention. Because of these traits, Pomeranians can make wonderful therapy dogs, and they are also trained as hearing assistance dogs.

Get ready for some yapping, though—and it can be excessive at times. When you first get your Pomeranian, be sure to teach the “Quiet” command right away. And make sure to socialize your dog from an early age, giving him plenty of pleasant experiences with other humans and dogs.


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A Royal Lineage

The history of the Pomeranian dates back to the Prussian region of Pomerania. Tracing their lineage to the ancient German Spitz dogs that were used to pull sleds, the Pomeranian is a much smaller dog than its ancestors because of Queen Victoria, who during 1800s requested a smaller version of the breed. Back in the day, the Pomeranian was a favorite of nobility, and its natural skills at showmanship made them popular for use in the circus.

Famous owners of Pomeranians throughout history include Marie Antoinette, Mozart, Thomas Edison, Michelangelo, and Queen Victoria. Modern celebrities who are lucky enough to own this breed include Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Hilary Duff, LeAnn Rimes, Eva Longoria, Kelly Osborne, Gwen Stefani, and Fran Drescher.

Picky, Yet Easy to Care For

Known to be picky eaters, Pomeranians may benefit from food toppers, such as Pour Overs or Proper Toppers, to keep things interesting.

It’s easy to spot a Pomeranian, thanks to that luxurious puff of fur around their chest and neck. This breed comes with a double coat of fur with a harsh outer coat and a soft undercoat. But even though they have a furry coat, these dogs don’t require a lot of grooming other than regular brushing, which helps reduce shedding.

If you’re a couch potato, then this is the breed for you. The Pomeranian needs little exercise—perfect for people who live in the city or prefer to binge-watch than walk a dog.

Pomeranians have one of the longest life expectancies of all the dog breeds—these dogs can live for around 16 years. To ensure a long life, take good care of your pooch by feeding healthy food and visiting the vet for regular check-ups.



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