Horoscope for the Hounds: Libra

September 23rd – October 22nd

“Sit still”
“Why didn’t you go to the bathroom
when we went outside?”
“I said sit, not down”

If these phrases are familiar to you
then you most likely have a Libra.

Libras are the A-D-Ders of the dog world.
You’ll see them at the dog park
running from dog to dog unsure
of who to play with and then
oops it’s time to go home.

The bunny is running right,
while they are running left.
Throw a stick, they’ll come
back with a ball.

If you want a calm and steady
dog that doesn’t react and focuses
on you, then don’t get a puppy
this month.

If you can let go of expectations
and live in the moment
this is your Zen dog.
You never know what
you’ll get from day to day.

One thing that is true to
the libra is an easy going
attitude –a lover not a
fighter. Hence the sign
of the balanced
scales. Happy is their
true nature. The rest is
up in the air.

Meet the Author: Rita Hogan

Rita Hogan is a canine herbalist and co-founder of Farm Dog Naturals (farmdognaturals.com) an herbal remedy company for the all-natural dog. Rita offers herbal based wellness consulting that focuses on dogs as individuals; mind, body and spirit. Connect with Rita at canineherbalist.com

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