How To Choose A Summer Collar

As the season shifts into warmer months, it’s time to get the whole family ready for summer adventures.

Here’s how to choose the right summer collar for your four-legged friend.

Choose A Playful Pattern

The warm months are filled with opportunity to kick up your heels—so shouldn’t your pup’s collar reflect the playful season? Look for a collar with bright colors, fun patterns, and interesting textures. For inspiration, check out, where you’ll find handmade collars, leashes and harnesses, interesting and quirky cat and dog tags, and one-of-a-kind leashes.

Prepare For Summer Splashes

Many pups love to play in lakes, rivers, streams and the ocean during the summer months, which is a wonderful way to exercise, adventure and beat the heat. But some collars—particularly those made of leather, corduroy, canvas or other non-durable fabrics—stay wet for a long time after being submerged, making them prone to growing bacteria that can cause mildew, funky smells, and even chafing around your dog’s neck. If you’re planning to take your dog swimming, be prepared to avoid the post-swim funk by looking for a collar made of waterproof fabric such as coated webbing, synthetic nylon, or waterproof plastic.

Stay Visible

Summer vacations can mean late nights at the beach, camping trips in the mountains and other all-hours adventures. If there’s a chance that you and your pup will be outside after dark, consider a high-visibility collar. You can choose a bright color (like blazing orange), a reflective fabric, and even a small-clip on LED light to keep your dog visible after the sun goes down.

Keep Cool

All dogs are at risk of heatstroke in warm temperatures, and the risk is especially acute for pugs, bulldogs, long-haired dogs and puppies. If you live in a warm area or any place with extreme temperatures (like high altitude or the desert), consider investing in a cooling collar. There are many different models on the market, but most operate on the same concept: using either frozen cool packs, water or ice cubes, cooling collars chill the vascular area around your dog’s neck, lowering their body temperature and keeping them safe from heat-related illnesses.

Get Creative

Do you have any special occasions or fun events on the calendar this summer? If so, consider a fun accessory for your pup, like a bow tie or bandana. While your dog should always be wearing a regular collar with identification and registration tags, it can be fun to add some flair. Check out Pinterest for ideas about how to make your own party garb for Fido, or browse your local pet store for pre-made fun.

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