I Can See Bits of Food in My Dog’s Stool, Are They Not Absorbing the Nutrients?

Let’s Talk Stool

When dogs eat a high moisture, whole food diet such as ours, the stool will not look the same as it did when consuming a dry kibble or raw food. The stool will reflect the colorful ingredients going in. It’s not abnormal to see pieces of carrots, spinach, etc. present in the stool. The nutrients, phyto-nutrients and antioxidants from the foods are still being absorbed. Since the food is high in moisture and fiber it’s also common for the stool to be more voluminous. Our office dogs go 3-4 times a day.

If you would like to test this, you can supplement with a digestive enzyme to see if there is any change, such has seeing less pieces of say carrots in the stool. If there is no change, it should be safe to assume they are digesting and absorbing the ingredients optimally.

More Stool Talk

You know its funny, our Customer Service team often jokes about the fact that they ‘talk about poop’ all day at work – but that is actually pretty accurate from our conversations with our customers. You can deduce quite a bit about your dog’s health by examining your dogs stool on a daily basis – which is easy since you are most likely picking it up a few times a day. Care to brag about your dog’s stool? Sound off in the comments section below.


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