Interview with Sara Iyer and Steven Ray Morris of The Purrrcast Podcast

Since the fall of 2015, college friends and cat lovers Sara Iyer and Steven Ray Morris have been entertaining cat lovers from all around with their fun and quirky The Purrrcast podcast.

Having released over 70 episodes to date and on track for 100 episodes by this summer, the pair have tapped into their network of cat owner creatives in their stomping grounds of Los Angeles to welcome guests such as local comedians, writers, filmmakers, and artists.

As the podcast is half-jokingly all about “talking to cat people because we can’t talk to their cats,” Iyer and Morris shoot the hay with their guests about the love they share for their feline friends. Topics run the gamut from their cat’s origin stories, cat care, feline bonding, and misadventures in cat ownership.

Find out more about The Purrrcast Podcast and its co-hosts, Sara Iyer and Steven Ray Morris.

The Honest Kitchen: How did you come up with the idea for The Purrrcast?

Sara Iyer: Steven and I have known each other since college. He suggested the idea of a cat podcast after we had been texting back and forth, almost exclusively about cat-related things. It sounded like it would be a lot of fun, and it seemed like something that would have a never-ending pool of possible guests.

Steven Ray Morris: My cohost and I are friends from UCSB college days (go Gauchos!). Since living in L.A. we noticed we were always talking about our cats and sharing photos we thought were cute or funny (or both!). We love talking about our cats, and assumed other people do as well.

THK: How has the podcast helped connect you with fellow cat lovers?

Sara: Cat people tend to be more introverted (in general), and there aren’t really any places where cat people interact on a regular basis, like dog people have with dog parks. Also, our listeners have been sharing pictures of their cats and cat care tips through emails and social media, so we have a really great cat community!

Steven: Personally, it’s encouraged me to more seek out more knowledge about cats and cat communities. So many of our guests and listeners know so much that I learn something new about cats every day!

THK: Just curious: Are cats of local celebrities any different than cats with “regular people cat owners”?

Sara: Nope! Cats are the great equalizer! Everyone is second in command next to their cat.

Steven: As someone with a lovable diva for a cat, I think cats resemble their owners. And to me, any cat that receives extra coverage on social media is bound to embrace it. In that sense, every cat is a celebrity.

THK: How has it changed since you started?

Sara: A lot of our guests will recommend other cat people to us, so most of all, our way of finding guests is even more word of mouth than it was at the beginning.

Steven: Our process of making episodes hasn’t changed much, but we’ve had a lot of fun interacting with more and more listeners that send us pics of their cats and share stories, too. Sara also has a nice camera now to get good snaps of our guests’ cats.

THK: What is the best part of doing the podcast?

Sara: Definitely meeting all the cats! Is there anything better than petting, playing with, or just getting stared at by different cats every week?

Steven: Obviously the best part is getting to hang with the guest and their cats. It genuinely moves me that so many people have invited us into their homes to meet their lil’ feline pals and open up to us about why they love them so.

THK: What’s next for The Purrrcast?

Sara: We have a few things up our sleeves for this year that we think our fans will be excited about, and we’ll be releasing our 100th episode in the summer. Overall, we just want to keep bringing our listeners more fun cat content.

Steven: I’d love to do live shows, travel, and connect with cat people from all over the world. Just pet more cats, really. All day. Every day.

THK: Tell me a little about your cats. Where did you get them? What are some of their quirks, habits, and personalities like?

Sara: I got Samba from the Burbank Animal Shelter. She’s a shorthaired black cat with yellow eyes, and she hates everyone except me. She loves cuddling (with me), playing with toys, drinking sink water, and staring at the aquarium. She’s a little bit bossy, but she loves me.

Steven: Miss Penny Lane is a shorthaired tawny, orange tabby, and all around diva cheetah. She’s sweet, but full of her own unique brand of catitude. She loves making friends with other humans like our guests, but other cats watch out! She’s a cross between the Queen of England and Kim Kardashian. In short, purrrfect.

THK: What kind of relationship do you have with your cats?

Sara: Samba is my baby! She is pretty spoiled and basically gets whatever she wants.

Steven: Penny Lane and I have a friendly contentiousness with each other. We do our own thing, but in the end she’s got my back. Like I said, she’s a princess, but so am I.

THK: Some of your top cat care tips?

Sara: Get your cat microchipped! This can be done at the same time as the spay/neuter, which is also important. I also highly recommend a water fountain to encourage cats to stay hydrated, as many cats prefer running water.

Steven: If you’re a very busy person, set aside time to play with your cat. I know it sounds simple, but making time for your cat every day will only help strengthen the relationship between you two and also tire them out so they don’t keep you up at night!

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