Is It Time to Call the Dog Walker?

After a long day at the office, you’re exhausted and ready to relax.

But your dog isn’t. He’s been lounging around all day, anxiously waiting for you to walk in the door so you can entertain him.

Sound familiar?

If you’re like most working pet owners, this scenario may sound familiar. And the joy of seeing your dog every night might be short lived. Maybe you find something chewed up (again) like those nice shoes you were saving for a special occasion, or another one of your dog’s so-called “indestructible” toys.

If this is you, it may be time to call the dog walker! Here’s what you can expect from a dog walker, and when hiring one is a good idea for your pet (and your sanity).

What Does a Professional Dog Walker Do?

A dog walker is your pet’s second best friend, after you of course. They’ll visit your pet during the day, usually around the middle of the day so your dog isn’t waiting to go potty for more than a few hours after you leave in the morning. Weather permitting, they’ll walk your dog around your neighborhood or local park so she can get some fresh air and plenty of exercise.

If it’s too hot (or cold) outside, your dog walker will provide potty breaks and play time. They’ll feed your pet lunch or a snack if needed. At the end of the visit your pet will be happy and ready for an afternoon siesta.

When you work with a professional dog walker, you get a “pupdate” sent to you via email or text message after the dog walker has finished the visit. This is simply a message that lets you know how the visit went, whether they found anything chewed when they walked in your home, and usually will include pictures of your pet. You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet is being well cared for, and you can look forward to going home after work.

All pets can benefit from the services of a dog walker, but some need routine walking more than others. Here are a few scenarios in which it may be time to call your local dog walker.

The New Puppy that Never Tires

Puppies are cuddly and cute. But that youthful glow also mean they’re never short on energy. Even if you have time to walk your new puppy for 15 minutes before you leave for work, it’s likely not enough.

Puppies, no matter the breed, need lots of exercise to keep them stimulated and prevent them from naughty behaviors like chewing your shoes. A walk in the middle of the day prevents your pet from doing these things out of boredom or anxiety. Routine dog walking gives your puppy much needed attention and exercise that will also help them get socialized—and improve your relationship with your pet.

No Yard, No Problem

These days many people prefer homes with small yards because they don’t have time to keep them up. The only problem is, your dog still needs to get exercise, especially if he’s a large breed.

A Break from Doggy “Jail”

If your pet needs to be crated during the day, a mid-day break can be the difference between a happy hound or a stressed, hot mess when you get home. Pets need a potty break every few hours. Imagine going nine hours without access to a bathroom! You would probably be cranky, too.

Ready to come home to a happy, healthy, tired dog? Give the dog walker a call and your pet will be furever grateful for the extra love and exercise.

Meet the Author: Patty DiMaggio

Patty DiMaggio is a freelance copywriter specializing in social media, website, and email content for pet companies who want to generate more revenue from their marketing efforts. Patty also works as a pet sitter for Play Time Pet Care in Mesa, AZ where she lives with her two long-haired dachshunds, Daisy and Belle. When not writing for clients Patty enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and traveling to new places in Arizona and around the U.S.

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