Keeping Your Dog Cool During Summer

The bigger and furrier the dog, the hotter he’ll probably get when temperatures rise.

While we can’t control the weather, there are things we can do to help cool down our pets as much as we can to prevent overheating. Here are some to start with:

Keep Him Wet

One easy way to keep your dog cool is by wetting him down. This can be accomplished in any of a number of ways, including getting him a snazzy cooling vest, soaking a bandana and tying it comfortably around his neck, and/or simply wetting his coat.

Icy Treats

You don’t have to be great in the kitchen to whip up a quick icy treat for your pet. It can be as simple as putting some ice cubes in his water bowl (if your dog’s a gulper, wait until the ice melts to give him the cooled water) to freezing up some bone broth as a nutritious, cooling treat.

Cooling Foods

Food energetics are an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. The basic idea is that food can be used to balance out an imbalance in the body. Cooling foods, for example, can be used to cool down the body. Considering feeding cooling foods like rabbit and duck during warmer months may help cool things down from the inside out.

Cooler Bedding

Carpets and rugs may be comfortable, but they can also make a hot dog even hotter. And while hardwood floors can be cooler, they’re also harder. Consider getting an elevated bed that allows for more airflow or a cooling bed.

Watch the Paws

Since one of the few places dogs sweat is through their paw pads, it’s important not to smother them with heavy booties. At the same time, you must protect your dog’s paws. Walk on grass and don’t walk on hot surfaces like pavement and asphalt. There are also breathable booties that may help.

Walk Earlier or Later

Walking your dog on a hot day can quickly encourage overheating—even to dangerous levels. Avoid the sun and heat as much as possible by walking early in the morning or later in the evening.

Bring Your Pet Inside

If your dog is mostly an outdoor dog, bring him in the house on hot days. Remember that dogs can overheat a lot quicker than humans.

AC and Fans Help

Concentrating air into a smaller area like a closed room can help cool that space down more efficiently. In other words, if you can, take your pet in a room with you with the air conditioner and/or fan turned on. Things will get nice and cool soon.

Hot summer days can be a real drag for our dogs if we don’t help cool them down. But with a few adjustments, you can help your dog keep cool.

Meet the Author: Jessica Peralta

Jessica Peralta has been a journalist for more than 15 years and an animal lover all her life. She has had dogs, cats, birds, turtles, fish, frogs, and rabbits. Her current children are a German shepherd named Guinness and a black kitten named Riot (and he lives up to that name). It’s because of her love for animals that she focused her journalistic career to the world of holistic animal care and pet nutrition. In between keeping Riot and Guinness out of mischief, she’s constantly learning about all the ways she can make them healthier and happier.

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