Meet Beau And Bess: Saved From The Streets & Kibble

Beau and Bess used to be just what you think of when you think of new rescues—alive and in newly-found good hands, but awash with health problems.

However, that was then—this is now. Now they are in the loving home of one Rhonda Lucich in Murphy, TX, just outside of Plano.

Beau and Bess before being adopted.

Beau and Bess before being adopted.

From The Shelter To Salvation

Beau was once the poster child for neglect: His coat was a tangled mess, his eyes clouded in the absence of care. Beau’s nose was more akin to a stray piece of coarse sandpaper than that of a wet, healthy dog’s. His tail was always between his legs.

“When [the rescue] got him in, they immediately shaved him,” Rhonda said. “The skin on his paws and between his pads was red too.”

The cute dog he is now couldn’t be more estranged from the canine at the shelter. Rhonda said Beau’s coat on arriving to the shelter was so matted and untamed, that the shelter staff at Sheree’s Dog Rescue had to shave off his entire coat all at once.

“Look at his face, he was so scared. But who knew such a cute dog was under all that hair,” Rhonda said. “But just look at him now! You’d never know that was him just three months ago!”


Today Beau’s coat is thick and healthy!

Bleeding And Abandoned

The story of Rhonda’s other rescue, Bess, begins at the hands of a kind, well-meaning stranger. Bloodied by the gaping wound on her forehead, Bess scampered across an otherwise busy Texas road to find help in the embrace of an animal lover…who just so happened to have a foot in the door at DFW Tzus and More Rescue. This is where her tragedy transformed into a Disney fairytale. There, she was lavished, bathed, and photographed. She was now camera ready, clean and well-groomed. And it was one still shot that captured the wandering eyes of Ronda one day surfing the web for a companion for Beau.

“It was like trying to be cast for a role on Broadway,” Rhonda said as she began to describe the selective, somewhat lengthy adoption process she had to filter through. “At one point, it felt like I was the one who was being adopted!”

The rescue was doing a phenomenal job to make sure Bess would find her forever home and eventually, placed Bess in Rhonda’s home. “And we’re just one big happy family,” she noted, peering down at Beau and Bess playfully chasing each other around the well-decorated living room.


Bess’ wounds have healed as today she happily enjoys her toys.

From Books To The Dog Bowls

Never one to pass up the opportunity to explore a well-designed house, Rhonda and I combed through her Plano house. Rhonda keeps an Honest Kitchen Recipe Book proudly displayed along the off-white bricks bordering the fireplace.

“Well, I’m someone who needs to be intellectually stimulated almost 24/7. And I carried that into how I could improve Beau’s and Bess’ lives through wholesome foods…so I picked up their recipe book after they were highly recommended by others like Suzanne Clothier,” said Rhonda.

beau and bess1


Eat Well, Be Well—And That Goes For Dogs Too

Running through the yard with unabandoned, long-strides, the two eccentric dogs wove in and out of well-manicured bushes, playfully nipping at the wingtips of passing butterflies. It was here, both bathed in warm sunlight, that their recently adopted health shined through. They weren’t always like this though, even after being adopted.

Before the rehydrated wholesome meals of The Honest Kitchen—Rhonda is especially fond of the Grain Free Chicken Recipe, Grain Free Beef Recipe, and Grain Free Turkey Recipe—filled their bowls, Beau and Bess were once kibble aficionados. But it was clear early on to Rhonda that Beau and Bess could do better, be better, and live better.


“We kept on feeding them the kibble given to us by the shelter, but it was clear they weren’t getting much better. Their coats were still rough and Beau’s eyes were black…not brown and black. Just black,” said Rhonda. “Then I decided to give the dehydrated food diet a try. After all the research I’ve done, it’s hard to argue against the benefits of feeding your dogs clean, wholesome, unadulterated food. We haven’t looked back.”

In a relatively short time frame, Rhonda began to notice pivotal shifts in their health: their coats became softer, tamer. Beau’s once blackened eyes are now circled by brown, clear irises. That webbing between his pads, once reddened by inflammation, now calmed and neutral colored.

“Well I got to say, for a dog that was once the poster child for neglect and malnutrition, he’s completely thrown that old mirror of himself in the recycling bin,” she said.


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