Meet Chupacabra: A Dog With Stomach Issues Now Happy and Carefree

Chupacabra’s story begins nearly 8 years ago when she was just a timid, little puppy.

Her current owner, Melissa, walked into a local pet shelter to drop off some donations in honor of her previous dog who she lost to the hands of cancer. Still sad and grieving, after Melissa dropped off her supplies, she and her now husband decided to walk around the property just to say “hi” to the other dogs. Upon turning one of the last corners of one of the last rows of kennels, she came across Chupacabra. At the time, the pup did not have such an unusual name, but things would change very quickly for this lucky pup. Melissa fell in love instantly and took her home that very night.

Chupacabra’s very first night at home she broke through the baby gate that divided Melissa’s room from the family room and jumped in the bed. She is still a bed dog to this day, nearly 8 years later.

Melissa knew this dog was going to be different, “Her emotional intelligence is unreal. If you’re sad or angry, she can sense that and will do everything in her power to make you feel better. I just love her so much.”

Melissa and Chupacabra were a match made in doggy-Heaven. They were best friends who understood and respected each other. They rescued each other, after all.

This Happiness Was Short Lived

The first 2-3 years of their life together involved a sick Chupacabra, suffering from stomach acidity problems. This caused her to not eat, and be sick almost all day, everyday. Melissa’s vet prescribed Chupacabra some antacid, which helped, but did not solved the problem entirely. Even home cooked meals made entirely of protein didn’t work for Chupacabra and she continued to suffer.

Upon a trip to her local pet store, Melissa asked an employee for some help with her dog’s stomach issues. “We were looking into getting something new and of higher quality for Chupacabra. They recommended The Honest Kitchen and the first thing I noticed was the beautiful branding. I LOVED that everything was human-grade. That was incredibly important to me and was the ultimate deciding factor in us selecting it for Chupacabra. I know exactly what they are putting into the food.”

Almost Immediate Differences

“Chupacabra’s entire demeanor and personality changed. She was happier. She wanted to eat. She could eat.” Overall, just by being initiated into her Honest Kitchen diet, Chupa’s coat was shinier, bowel movements were normal and she was, as Melissa said, happy. Chupacabra went from a shelter to a sick to a happy and healthy dog just by switching to The Honest Kitchen. When nothing else worked, The Honest Kitchen worked wonders, especially the goats’ milk, which she still drinks daily.

“I loved that when you prepared the food, it smelled like real human food! It smelled delicious!”

Chupacabra is Doing Incredibly Well

Even though she sometimes feels her age, she is still a very active and playful dog. She loves to go on long walks and chase the squirrels in her neighborhood. Recently, Chupacabra was part of a study for the Department of Defense focusing on the scent abilities of canines. The study was to decide if canines could tell scents apart or if they would group them together—could they tell a lemon from a lime or would they only identify them as fruit or citrus? The study lasted about 4-6 months and if Chupacabra had still had her stomach issues, Melissa never would have let her participate in the study.

Although Melissa didn’t spent a ton of money on vet bills, she still had a lot to deal with when it came to Chupacabra’s stomach issues. The stress alone was enough to make Melissa breakdown from time to time not knowing how to help her dog. She needed to rescue her again, but she didn’t know how. Not until The Honest Kitchen came along.

“We love the brand. We try to use as much of it as we can. She gets the goats’ milk everyday still and she really enjoys it.”

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Meet the Author: Denielle Kennett

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