Meet Crush: A Spunky Frenchie with Skin Problems

Joanne and Steve Marsullo never thought of themselves as dog people.

And they definitely never thought that their lives would one day revolve around a spunky French Bulldog named Crush with skin issues. That all changed one fateful day when she walked into their home and jumped right onto Steve’s lap while he was sitting on the couch, stealing both his and Joanne’s hearts.

Crush’s journey to the Marsullo family began when their daughter Katie moved out of the house. Her parents gave her a little financial cushion to transition to adulthood, but instead she used it to buy a puppy.

“She went out and bought a dog. We about had a cow,” Joanne explained. But despite the initial shock, it was love at first sight for these empty nesters. “She was just so cute, like a little tootsie roll. The first time Katie brought her over, Crush took a liking to my husband. She just fell in love with him, and visa versa.”

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“When she was a puppy, she just jumped up on my lap the first time I met her,” Steve added. “We weren’t dog people until she was brought over here by my daughter. We went from having no dog to now not being able to live without her.

Baby Crush was infatuated with her grandparents, and as Katie’s schedule got busier, Steve and Joanne’s began to slow down as they transitioned to retirement. It wasn’t long before the family decided that it was best if the Frenchie moved in with the Marsullos full time.

“She has a better home now for sure,” Katie said as she watched her parents doting on Crush.

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White Frenchies Tend to Have Skin Problems

Crush’s coat is pure white and silky smooth. You would never know today that she suffered from bumpy, irritated skin nearly her whole life until her family switched her over to The Honest Kitchen food.

“Apparently white colored French Bulldogs do have a high likelihood of having skin problems,” Steve explained. “There’s a few bumps on her still, but they used to be three times as bad as that.”

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The Veterinarian Bills Were Ridiculous

Crush has always been a source of great joy for Joanne and Steve, but at the peak of her health problems, she was also a source of great stress. She was on a constantly rotating regimen of antibiotics and steroids, costing the couple upwards of $200 on top of normal pet costs each time they went to the vet. They even tried fancy shampoos and creams, but nothing worked.

“It was the most stressful time while she was having these health problems,” Joanne said.

“Our vet bills have gone down at least 50 percent a year. We spent about $600 to $800 a year at the vet and at least one year it was over $1,000,” Steve added. Now, they pay nothing for her skin problems, because those have pretty much disappeared thanks to the top quality pet food she now eats.

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The Picky Dog Chose The Honest Kitchen

The Marsullos were at the pet store when they saw free samples for The Honest Kitchen food products. Intrigued, they took it home and fed some to Crush, not assuming it was any different than similarly marketed and so-called healthy options for canine companions. They noticed a difference right away, however. The normally picky dog gobbled it right up and came to Joanne for another helping, pawing as if to say, “Mom, I want more!”

Just glad she liked the taste, Joanne and Steve happily went back to the store for more.

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The Improvements Started Flooding In

“A week later, we noticed she wasn’t really itching that much and the bumps that were so bad on her back were better,” said Steve. “We thought for sure there was a connection with that and the food.”

Crush continued to improve as the weeks passed. “It’s really unbelievable before and after. She’s shinier and softer, less itchy, more upbeat, good dog poop. All those things are in the plus column.”

As every dog owner knows, a healthy, regular bowel movement from your pet is definitely something to celebrate.

“On top of that, I think the Honest Kitchen is just easier, especially when you are traveling,” Joanne added, referring to the convenient preparation. The Honest Kitchen products start out as dry mixture and the Marsullos mix it with a little warm water to create the perfect combination that Crush just loves.

This French Bulldog is a precocious and sassy little thing that’s hard not to love. What she lacks in stature she makes up for in personality, and the improvement in her health is obvious.

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