Meet J. “Junior” Cash: A Police Dog Who Loves THK

At The Honest Kitchen we take great pride in fueling both pets and working dogs alike.

But, while we all think our dogs are special, there are some truly amazing dogs out there that have accomplished more than most dogs could ever dream of.

Here’s a letter from Officer Kristina Haugen #739 of the Champaign Police Department explaining how The Honest Kitchen has helped Junior, a remarkable working dog who loves The Honest Kitchen’s Whole Grain Turkey Recipe.

junior“J. “Junior” Cash is a four-year-old German Shepherd. He is a patrol K-9 certified in Narcotics, Tracking, Article Search, and Criminal Apprehension. He has been with the Champaign Police Department since 2013 and has seized over one million dollars’ worth of illegal drugs, found several illegally possessed guns and multiple criminal tracks. He eats the Whole Grain dog food because it makes him feel fuller and eases his acidy stomach issues. It has stopped allergy concerns and It has also eased his anal gland issues due to the fiber content and I don’t need to supplement his fiber intake. His health and well being has soared and has decreased his doctor visits for these issues to almost none. Decreased doctor visits are important to me because he can be a very difficult dog to treat.”

We are proud to support Junior in his success and thank him for all that he does!

Meet the Author: Brandy Vachal

Brandy Vachal Moore is a dog mom to three pint-sized dogs: Donnatella the Maltese, Ernie the Yorkie-Maltese mix and Rico the Chihuahua. When she’s not defending her personal space from three dogs who know no boundaries. Brandy enjoys anything fitness related, traveling, hiking, and being outdoors in the San Diego sunshine. She loves all things social media and journalism and has worked for The Honest Kitchen for the past 5 years.

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