Meet Kevin: A Picky Cat With a Bad Back

Walking into the house that Allyson and Ryan share in Clinton Township, Michigan, it’s hard to avoid noticing the gregarious gray cat who winds his way down the stairs to greet visitors. Lithe, lean, and with a lustrous coat that begs to be stroked, Kevin is the poster-cat for feline health.

Early Health Problems

For Allyson and Kevin, it was love at first sight. Knowing that her first cat, Otis, would not fare well on his own, Allyson began looking for a companion. “We saw him and we knew, that’s him,” she said, recounting the day that she and Ryan first met Kevin. “He was sitting in his litter box” laughs Ryan. Kevin’s first weeks were spent at the vet, where he was being treated for an upper respiratory infection. After being discharged from the clinic, Allyson assumed that his health issues were over when, in reality, the worst was yet to come.

“We thought he was a normal little guy but then a couple of months later, we started realizing things like he wasn’t jumping like cats should so we brought him to the vet where we discovered that two of his vertebrae were too close together” says Allyson, describing the first of many veterinary visits they would have to contend with. A few short weeks later, Kevin’s urine began to contain alarming amounts of blood. What they hoped was an easily remedied urinary tract infection turned out to be cystitis. As a result of chronic inflammation issues, Allyson and Ryan were told to switch Kevin to an exclusively wet food based diet.

Dry Food Wasn’t Working

Armed with this information, the couple began experimenting with wet foods, all of which Kevin turned up his nose at. “He’s the only cat I’ve ever had who chooses dry food over wet,” says Allyson, describing how she went through brand after brand of food, only to have Kevin refuse to eat. Growing increasingly frustrated, and not willing to compromise on the quality of food she was feeding her cats, Allyson began to do some more extensive research and discovered Honest Kitchen.

Having spent an enormous amount of time and money trying to get Kevin to eat various canned foods, Allyson was running out of options. When she found Honest Kitchen, she was delighted. “It fit all my criteria: grain free, I could add as much water as I wanted, and I wouldn’t have to spend my entire paycheck feeding my babies for the month”. To her amazement, Kevin was an immediate convert. “The first time I set down the bowl of the Grain Free Chicken Recipe (Prowl), he ate the entire bowl, leaving nothing for his brother.”


Now Kevin can Properly “Cat”

One of the first things that the couple noticed, besides the fact that Kevin adored his new food, was that he quickly lost the extra weight he’d been carrying. Because of the issues with his vertebrae, it’s important that Kevin stays slim. Initially worried that he’d have a hard time navigating the stairs in their new home, Allyson and Ryan were delighted to find that Kevin scaled them like a champ. “He can jump all the way to the top of furniture now” marvels Ryan, a far cry from when Kevin couldn’t even reach the surface of an ottoman. “He wasn’t able to cat properly” laughs Ryan. “Now he can cat!”


A Proper Diet Leads to a Beautiful Coat

As Allyson heads to the kitchen to prepare Kevin and Otis’ dinner, both cats come running. Before she can even finish adding water, they’re impatiently circling the area where their dishes will be placed. As the boys devour their meal, Allyson remarks that since switching to Honest Kitchen, both cats have been on the receiving end of compliments about their coats. “My co-workers, our vet techs—everybody says that their fur is just amazing”. In fact, her colleagues have expressed interest in switching to Honest Kitchen for their pets, based on Kevin’s transformation.

Watching Kevin pose for photographs like a seasoned pro and chase his toys with unbridled enthusiasm, you’d never guess how sick he once was. Instead, you notice a gorgeous, vibrant cat with energy and personality to spare. “He’s lost weight, gained muscle, and is far more active than he ever was,” says Allyson, watching Kevin settle into a decorative wreath that he’s claimed as his new favorite nap spot. “The change has been drastic. I don’t think my babies will ever stray from the Honest Kitchen.”


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Meet the Author: Kate Walker

Kate is a writer and a lifelong lover of dogs. She regularly volunteers with rescue organizations and counts her years spent working alongside a therapy dog as a personal highlight. She's the proud parent of a beautiful Golden Retriever (and a tiny human, too) and is happiest when spending time with her pack.

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