Meet Killer: A Sassy Chihuahua with Something to Prove

Tatiana has enjoyed dog sitting for years.

One of her regular clients had their hands full with four dogs and recruited her help often with the smallest yet highest maintenance dog, Killer. Tatiana fell madly in love with this rambunctious tiny ball of energy. “It was love at first sight.”

After a few years of frequent dog sits and because the owner was always out of town, she decided to let Tatiana have Killer. This was five years ago. Tatiana already had a 6 year old Chihuahua named Tiki who usually didn’t get along with other dogs, but Killer was an exception. The stars seemed to align, so Killer became part of the family.

Bowel Troubles

Killer used to have a really hard time passing a bowel movement. “His poop was really bad. He would walk when he pooped and it was spotty, watery, and he strained a lot every time he went. It looked really uncomfortable. He also had no hair on his neck. It was actually really cute, and I didn’t realize it was a problem until I changed his food. I took him to the vet and they seemed indifferent since there was no blood in his feces, nor was he malnourished.”

She tried hard to find a solution, including making homemade dog food. “My boyfriend and I would boil chicken, brown rice, peas and carrots. I think we were missing a lot of vitamins. We made their food for four years! We also tried the Trader Joe’s Dog Food, but Killer had trouble digesting both the homemade food and any other dog food we’ve tried.

Introduction to a Solution

After over four years of trial and error and a ton of research Tatiana’s old boss (who runs a doggie daycare and boarding company) introduced her to The Honest Kitchen. He swore by them. She looked them up online and saw great reviews and loved the fact that it was human grade. “I mean, I can eat it, and if I can eat it, I feel better serving it to my dogs.”

She also loved the convenience of The Honest Kitchen products. “I love that it’s dehydrated so it won’t go bad.” She had been battling with her dog’s food spoiling because each can would turn after it had been open for a day or two. “Killer is tiny, he can’t finish an entire can of dog food before it goes bad. Plus, when I go away for the weekend I can just put each meal portion in a ziplock and it’s good to go.”

Can’t Get Enough

Before THK, both of her dogs wouldn’t finish their food so it always spoiled. The second she introduced THK to them they licked their bowls clean and then even switched to lick each other’s bowls to make certain every morsel was eaten!

Within one week of their new diet, Killer’s stool looked healthy and he stopped straining altogether. He no longer looked like he was in pain or constipated. After 3 or 4 months his coat got really soft and thick, filling in his naked neck.

“He just looks healthier. Everyone asks me if I just gave him a bath because of how soft he is. His sister is 11 and she looks like she is 6! I can’t tell you how pleased I am with THK products. I recommend Honest Kitchen to everyone. It’s great quality, I can’t imagine a better dog food, nor can I imagine going back to any other food for my babies.” As an enthusiastic recent convert, Tatiana tells all of her clients whom have dogs with digestion issues about Honest Kitchen.

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Meet the Author: Shannon Enete

I’m never happier than when I’m in nature with my pup. Walking amongst green giants covered in moss, a crystal clear river running alongside us providing water for my pup and a cool down for me. When I’m not in my happy place I’m teaching high school Medical Science or writing lifestyle, pet, and travel pieces.

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