Pet Portraits and Other Ways to Memorialize Your Pet

You want them around forever, but we all know that isn’t possible.

There are several ways to memorialize your pet; some very tasteful and some not so much. You don’t have to wait until they are gone though to honor what, to most of us, are our best friends. Here are just a few of the many ways to keep them with us forever.

Paintings Anyone?

memorial1As if having a portrait painted isn’t enough, if you go to you can get pet portraits in many different styles. You can go Warhol style with 2 or 4 panel paintings starting at $107. You can also go with Classical, Cubism, Geometric or Manga style with the big eyes. I didn’t see any Salvador Dali styles which would be more up my alley, but maybe not everyone is into droopy watches and surrealistic dogs.

You Wear it Well

memorial2Did you ever think of wearing a necklace cast of your dog or cat’s nose? Neither had I, but if you want, just go to Jacki Kaufman’s site at Etsy for dog nose necklaces that start at $199 and cat noses at $209. She takes impressions of your pet’s nose and turns it into a pendant you can wear. I think the cat is a little pricier because, well now she’s dealing with cats. She also does paw prints and will make molds from their actual teeth as well. You can get necklaces, keychains and cuff links made to accessorize your entire outfit.

The Tree of Love

memorial3While this is located only in Orange County in southern California, go to The Tree of Love to memorialize your pet and donate to a good cause as well. The Tree of love is a 3-D piece of art on display at County Care Pet Resort in Yorba Linda, California. You can order a personalized leaf or stone inscribed with your message and added to the work. Small leaves start at $125 with mediums at $250 and large ones costing $500. You can also buy a stone to be placed beneath the tree for $2500. Donations are tax deductible and go to support the German Shepard Rescue of Orange County.

In Memory

memorial4To help remember a pet after they are gone, one full stop site is which offers several types of memorials, cemetery markers and bench memorials. This site offers everything from keepsake jewelry to indoor and outdoor plaques and markers. As a public service, their site also offers links to several articles on dealing with pet loss and has links to numerous organizations that can help you after a loss.

Just for the Record

There are a lot of very weird ways to memorialize your pet; trust me, I did my research. The weird ranges from taxidermy services to hairball jewelry; I kid you not. One of the less weird, but still high on the strange meter is the folks across the pond in England at These nice folks will add your pet’s ashes to help make a vinyl record of your choice. Whether you want Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys or anything by the Pet Shop Boys, you pick the songs and they will press the vinyl with the ashes added. They will even help with original compositions if you desire. If you want to use some of the ashes in a painting for the cover art, well they do that too. They started out offering records made with your loved ones ashes added but have branched out into the loved pets business as well. Of course you will need a record player to listen to it as I don’t see any offerings of tapes or CDs, and converting ashes to any form of digital music is well, just plain silly.

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