Pet Products That Give Back

Shop for a cause: Each of these pet companies gives back to animal welfare with purchase.

Support homeless pets while spoiling yours!

West Paw Design

West Paw is a certified B Corp, which means they’re committed to doing business with an “above-and-beyond commitment to healthier employees, sustainable practices, transparency and accountability.” As a part of that commitment, West Paw donates products to charitable raffles and to shelters and rescues. If you’re looking for a tough dog toy, check out their Zogoflex line. Bonus: they pay their employees for their volunteer time, which includes time at animal shelters.1


If you love a pup who’s afraid of storms, fireworks, or car rides, consider picking up a ThunderShirt. ThunderWorks makes the popular calming products ThunderShirt and ThunderLeash, among others. Because their products have seen success among panicked pets, the company donates ThunderShirts to some of the most stressed-out shelter dogs. They’ve donated thousands of shirts to shelters and adoption organizations through their partnership with the Petfinder Foundation.2


P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You)

At P.L.A.Y., they whip up cute and durable dog toys—as the name suggests—plus a range of beds and accessories. They have a partnership with the International Fund for Animal Welfare and have donated to dozens of rescue and shelter organizations showcased on their website. Plus, P.L.A.Y. launched their own program, the Warm Bellies Initiative, which aims to provide a warm, cozy mat for shelter dogs. Their goal? To make the shelter experience a little less scary by making it a little softer and warmer. For a soft and warm bed for your dog or cat, their standard line offers fresh, modern designs to fit any decor.3


Have a pup with a sense of humor? BarkBox is a monthly subscription service that delivers treats and toys to your pup with a tongue-in-cheek, modern take on pet parenting. As a company, they support shelters and rescues across the country, giving products and donations. They donate 10 percent of all profits to rescues, shelters and non-profit animal groups. BarkBox makes a great gift for a new pet parent too.4


Absolutely Fish

It’s not just dogs and cats who get abandoned on animal shelter doorsteps. Sure, Absolutely Fish isn’t a manufacturer; they’re a New Jersey-based aquarium shop. But, they’ve committed to education and conservation, and part of that includes taking in fish dumped at their partner Manhattan-area shelters. If you’re in the area and looking to add fish to your family, check out this retailer who cares for unwanted family fish.5

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