Pet Tech to Make Your Life Easier

As technology continues to advance, it’s no surprise that it has crept into the pet industry in recent years.

‘Pettech’, as it’s called, has expanded to fit a variety of needs from home pet healthcare to entertainment and safety. There are probably lots of products available that you don’t even know about!

As always when introducing your dog to something new, remember: bribery is king! Some quality treats can go a long way towards getting your furry friend to warm up to these handy pieces of technology.

Pet Cameras

Pet cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your dog or cat while away from home. They can provide you comfort by letting you know that Fido isn’t tearing up the rug or Fluffers isn’t digging through the trashcan while you’re at work. Pet cameras today offer an impressive array of features that go beyond the normal scope of a camera—ones like the Pawbo Life Wi-Fi Pet Camera offer live video streaming, audio, and even dispense treats for your pet.

You can even use a pet camera while you’re at home. Perhaps your dog is a modest chewer and prefers to snack in his favorite room or kennel. Stick a camera in there and you can feel secure knowing that he’s chomping on his wolfish skins under your watchful eye, even if he doesn’t know it.


Health Trackers

Has your veterinarian noted that your buddy has been putting on the pounds lately? You can now track his activity the same way we track ours—with a puppy Fitbit. Wearables like the FitBark clip to your dog’s collar and track distance walked, sleep levels, and even calories burned. The device then syncs with a smartphone app, which you can then show to your veterinarian to showcase how well your pup or cat has been doing on his diet.


Smart Pet Doors

Security is always a concern for homeowners and the original style of pet doors always posed a risk. Many of them were large enough for people to crawl through, or could let other animals in. These days there are smart pet doors that can prevent both.

The PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor comes in several sizes to accommodate any pet. A key embedded in your pet’s collar activates the door whenever your dog or cat approaches it. It comes with five keys so all of your pets can have one of their own. The door can be installed inside or out making it great for dogs who are constantly begging to hit the backyard, or when you need to a little peace and quiet in your home.


Calming Crates

Does your dog or cat become anxious at the thought of spending some time in a crate? There are ways to alleviate that stress. Using a smart pet crate with built-in activities and features designed to calm your pet is a great option. These smart crates have features like calming sounds, or motion-activated fans that provide both noise and a cool breeze.

The ZenCrate is a popular option among pet owners. Combine it with a smart pet bed that offers climate control and you can turn your pet’s crate into a mini-palace.


Smart Toys

It can be tough keeping our pets occupied when we have a busy day. Luckily, there are dozens of smart toys on the market that are meant to do the work for you. From automated ball launchers and laser pointers, to smart bones programmed to detect your dog’s mood, there’s definitely a little something for every pet.

The Wickedbone is one of our favorites. This smart toy is shaped like a bone, but certainly doesn’t act like one! The toy comes with two modes—drive and interactive—so you can leave your dog to his own fun or join in the play. The drive mode allows you to control the bone with a joystick and make it move, while the interactive mode works on its own and responds to different types of touch—it knows whether your dog wants calm chewing or something a little more aggressive.


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