Quick Tips for Dog Walking Safety

Taking your pet out for fresh air and exercise should be fun for you both.

If it’s not, then it will be once you heed these dog walking safety tips. Learn how to prepare for a successful walk, encourage your pet to walk with you (instead of drag you), and prevent a run-in with stray animals.

Prepare for the Elements

Unless you live in a climate where it’s always sunny and warm, check the weather before you head out. Getting caught in pouring rain without an umbrella is no fun for either of you. If it’s cold enough you can see your breath, consider putting on booties to protect those sensitive paw pads from the icy pavement.

Don’t forget all the basics: keys, cell phone, waste bags, and maybe even a small flashlight if you’ll be out at night. Need something to hold all your stuff, instead of your limited pocket space? Check out the Double Doodie Bag from Fetch Pet Products. This handy tool attaches to your dog’s leash so you can keep your hands free, plus it has a pocket just for the “doodie” bag. No more carrying stinky stuff around!

Walk the Dog, Don’t Let the Dog Walk You

Do you (or the neighbors) sometimes wonder who’s walking who? Dog walking should be fun for both you and your pet. Good news: there are some ways to stop your dog from pulling you down the street.

When your dog starts to pull on the leash, stop. The sudden stop will confuse your pet, who will look back and wonder what’s going on—and put the focus on you, the leader. Then, start walking again at your normal pace. Do this every time your pet starts to pull to help him learn that you’re the leader and he needs to pay attention to you. To really harness the power of this exercise, bring your pet’s favorite treats along and reward him when he turns his attention to you. You may even have him sit before he gets the reward.

Be patient. The more you work with your pet to encourage and reward the right behavior, the faster he will learn to walk like a good boy.

What to Do If You See a Stray

What if you see a stray dog or wild animal coming down the street? Have a plan. The best thing to do is to turn around and head the other way.

If the animal is quickly approach ng, walk to the opposite side of the street. Pick your dog up if he’s small enough. If he’s too large to carry, have him sit or lie down so he doesn’t try to run after the stray. Most likely the wandering animal will leave you alone and go about its business. If it does continue to approach you, be prepared to prevent an attack.

With these dog walking tools and tips you’re ready to go. Happy walking!

Meet the Author: Patty DiMaggio

Patty DiMaggio is a freelance copywriter specializing in social media, website, and email content for pet companies who want to generate more revenue from their marketing efforts. Patty also works as a pet sitter for Play Time Pet Care in Mesa, AZ where she lives with her two long-haired dachshunds, Daisy and Belle. When not writing for clients Patty enjoys hiking, horseback riding, and traveling to new places in Arizona and around the U.S.

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