“Radio Pet Lady” Tracie Hotchner’s inadvertent Honest Kitchen retrospective

This recent blog post from one of our long-time feeders has caught our attention so we thought we would share it here with our own community.

In this quick and fun read, “Radio Pet Lady” Tracie Hotchner realizes just how long we have been producing our human-grade dehydrated food by discovering an old faded label on the back of one of our original packaging buckets which survived her coast to coast move and still holds up as an ‘endlessly recyclable’ container.

You will get a kick out of the pictures in this post, particularly one that features said bucket with our new box packaging sitting proudly on top.


After reading the post, head back here and let us know in the comments section if you have ever repurposed any of our packaging over the years. I personally use our old tin canisters as color pencil holders in my office!

Meet the Author: Chris Freyer

Chris joins us as part of our Concierge Program and is another San Diego local. With 3 cats at home, he hopes he isn't considered a 'crazy cat guy'. He recently went back to school for a certification in Nutritional Therapy after graduating from UCSD. Chris is a music enthusiast, aspiring blogger and a huge sports fan, especially to our hometown Padres and Chargers. Last but surely not least, he is a proud new daddy!

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