Video: Snack Time?

Lab helps herself to a snack… in the fridge!

Adam Montiel’s yellow lab, Allie, kept getting into the fridge when he left home, so he set up a camera to figure out just how she was doing it. Adam said, “My girlfriend taught Allie to open a drawer where Allie’s toys were, we didn’t even think that the freezer itself is a big giant drawer…with food!”

Meet the Author: Thomas Mulcahy

Thomas can't remember a time when his household didn't have a four-legged member of the family. When our Giant Schnauzer isn't digging around for rodents to play with, she's patiently waiting for food to drop to the floor or barking at the mailman. Thomas now swears by Schnauzers as being the best breed ever—they don't shed and they're the smartest and most entertaining dogs he's ever met. Plus the Giants make great wrestling partners.

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