Stand Up For Pits

We met Angel a few years ago, and were absolutely smitten with her.

She was 100% sweet, good and all that is love. Looking into her soulful eyes, it was hard to see how anyone could have harmed her before she was rescued by our dear friend, Rebecca Corry.

Angel’s life before Rebecca was with an irresponsible and cruel owner; Angel was likely a bait dog, was overbred, and had a large scar on her back – caused by battery acid (read her story here). Her life was changed when she met Rebecca, and so was Rebecca’s life. Angel inspired Stand Up For Pits, a non-profit dedicated to protecting, and advocating pitbull type dogs. Together they toured the country, marched in DC, and most importantly had fun and savored every minute of being with each other.

Sadly, Angel passed away April 2, 2016 (you can read a tribute to her here). We have a heavy heart, but we’re proud to share that we’re a Stand Up For Pits sponsor this quarter, donating a percentage of online sales. Angel has inspired so many, and there’s still much to do. We hope to help educate that pitties, like Angel and our own pack, are loving, loyal and fun.

To learn more, please visit, and follow Stand Up For Pits on Facebook, or Rebecca Corry on Instagram @rebeccacorry.

You will be missed Angel.

Meet the Author: Carmen Velasquez

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