Thanks givings from The Honest Kitchen staff

Kicking off the holiday season

The Thanksgiving holiday is a great kickoff to the holiday season (well, some might consider Halloween the kickoff holiday, but I digress). A lot happens around this holiday – family dinners, sports, parades, and of course shopping. All those things are great but let’s not forget to say our thanks and show our gratitude for all the wonderful things we can have (and experience) in this life. After all, the name of the holiday is indeed THANKSgiving.

How to show your thanks

There are several ways to say your thanks. You can make a list. You can call individual people and tell them. You can write a letter. You can give a gift. You can post about it on social media. Or you can simply just close your eyes and relay to yourself what you’re thankful for. However you want to do it, it is worthwhile.

For me personally, I am thankful for so much. The most immediate things that come to mind are my daughter, my health, family, friends, my pets, my job here at The Honest Kitchen. The list goes on.

What are you thankful for? What do you think your pet is thankful for? Feel free to post in the comments section below – we would love to hear from you!

Honest Kitchen Staff Thanks Givings

I asked these questions to our office crew and here are a few of my favorite responses:

People always must come first when it comes to being thankful – amazing family, generous friends, as well as fantastic co-workers (AND co-woofers). I am especially grateful for those co-woofers that stop by my desk every morning (and afternoon) to say “Hi” – OR maybe it’s to try all the new products we are developing 😊 As I am always repping THK, I am grateful for all my friends with pets who have given The Honest Kitchen a chance, and many of those who have switched over to feeding our amazing food full time.

– Chris Claisse, Director of Product Management

I am thankful for all the amazing people in my life who make my world a better place. I am also thankful for my three pups who are the reason I do what I do, here at The Honest Kitchen! If my pups could speak, they would say they’re thankful for my toddler who loves to feed them Pecks every day!

– Raquel Axelrod, Reseller Marketing Manager

I’m so thankful for my entire family and their health but most importantly the constant support of my wife, Meghan. I’m also thankful for my three nieces; Waverly, Leighton (Lady Bug) and Reese. Lastly, I am thankful for the San Diego craft beer community, their delicious nectar keeps my belly “well rounded”. My dog Dahlia is thankful for her Dog Walker, Erin and their afternoon adventures during the week. She’s also thankful for her THK Instant Goat’s Milk to help keep her gut healthy and happy so she can continue to enjoy her Beams chews and other THK treats!

– Mike Mager, Customer Service Representative

Thanksgiving is a very special time in our household. We have many traditions to be thankful for! From the meal preparation to the gathering of friends and family to the Turkey Trot and Oystergiving we do every year, this is a time to gather and connect. To put down the phones, turn up the game, tell fun stories of past Thanksgiving celebrations, treat the dogs to special snacks and cuddles, bust out the board games and cozy sweaters and just enjoy the moment.

– Roxanne Moore, Vet Channel Sales Manager

So thankful to have such an amazing family (human & furry). Our two kids are blessed to be involved in sports and various other activities which makes for a chaotic household many days, but my wife and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Also, thankful to have three amazing furry, four-legged companions which brighten every day and consistently make us laugh. Maggie (16 year old Pit Mix) and Lucy (9 year old English Bulldog) couldn’t imagine a day without their LID Fish formula and of course some Cuddles as a pre and post meal snack. Remy (1 year old Tabby cat) loves his Grain Free Chicken food and if breakfast isn’t served promptly he will wake me up with A LOT of meowing and nudging…

– Jeff Werner, Director of Sales, East

I am thankful for my silly loving husband and snuggly cat & dog. Nigel is thankful when he gets goodies in the mail from Chewy. Cornelius is thankful that he can hunt for squirrels in the yard. I’m thankful he has never caught one!

– Michelle Sherman, Procurement Manager

With that, we would like to say thank you to YOU, The Honest Kitchen fan and feeder. We appreciate you! Have a safe and fun holiday.

Meet the Author: Brandy Vachal

Brandy Vachal Moore is a dog mom to three pint-sized dogs: Donnatella the Maltese, Ernie the Yorkie-Maltese mix and Rico the Chihuahua. When she’s not defending her personal space from three dogs who know no boundaries. Brandy enjoys anything fitness related, traveling, hiking, and being outdoors in the San Diego sunshine. She loves all things social media and journalism and has worked for The Honest Kitchen for the past 5 years.

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