Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

We’ve rounded up our favorite Thanksgiving-inspired dog recipes—and there’s no need to thank us!

What’s your dog thankful for this year? If he’s lucky, it will be for these turkey-licious meals and treats.

Honest Kitchen Leftover Turkey Dog Treats

If you’re sick of eating turkey, don’t toss it! Instead, turn that turkey into treats for your pupper. If you’ve got some cranberry and pumpkin hanging around, free free to add those ingredients into the mix, too!

Honest Kitchen Turkeyloaf for Dogs

Meatloaf has to be on the list of your top 10 comfort foods. That got us to thinking… couldn’t it be a comfort to your pooch, too? That’s the inspiration behind Honest Kitchen’s Turkeyloaf recipe—just for dogs. Using lean ground turkey, dog-friendly vegetables, cottage cheese, and The Honest Kitchen’s Whole Grain Turkey Recipe, this hearty meal is easy to make and easy to store for future use.

Thanksgiving Turkey Dog Treats

But because you can’t share any of your Thanksgiving turkey dinner with your dog, why not make him his own special turkey treat that he’ll gobble down? Made with The Honest Kitchen’s Grain Free Turkey Recipe, mixed veggies, and pureed pumpkin, these treats feature all of the goodness that Thanksgiving is famous for.

Marvelous Honest Kitchen Turkey Stew

Nothing warms the heart and soul like a hearty stew. And the Marvelous Honest Kitchen Turkey Stew has got you covered on both accounts. Adding The Honest Kitchen’s Limited Ingredient Turkey Recipe and lean ground turkey, along with carrots and green beans, this stew will keep your dog warm, toasty, and well-fed.

Better-Than-Turkey Dinner Dog Muffins

Turkey is the star of Thanksgiving dinner. And while it’s tempting to slip some to your dog under the table, Thanksgiving table scraps often lead to digestive upset, and that’s nothing to be thankful about. If you want your dog to share in the bounty, these Better than Turkey Dinner Dog Muffins, featuring The Honest Kitchen’s Instant Turkey Bone Broth, will hit the spot.

Turkey Pot Pie

Good old fashion comfort food—only this time, it’s just for your dogs. Full of peas, carrots, ground turkey and The Honest Kitchen’s Whole Grain Turkey Recipe, this will warm the cockles of your dog’s heart… and his stomach!

Banana, Apple & Turkey (BAT) Dog Treat

A lunchtime favorite for many is a BLT—bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. It’s not something you’d give to your dog as a treat…besides, it’s all mine! That’s why we created the dog-friendly version of the sandwich, but in a dog treat. Presenting the BAT—banana, apple and turkey dog treat! Dogs love apples and bananas, and powered with The Honest Kitchen’s Grain Free Turkey Recipe, your pooch will order this snack from the menu whenever he’s visiting the kitchen!

Autumn Cupcakes for Pups

Your dogs will lap up the apple and pumpkin after they finish frolicking in leaf piles and enjoying the crisp air. Made with pumpkin, applesauce and The Honest Kitchen’s Whole Grain Turkey Recipe, this cup-sized treat is the perfect treat for Thanksgiving.

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