The Definitive List of the 10 Best Cat Memes in the World

Cat photos: the best thing the internet has given us.

Since the dawn of the internet, we humans have figured out many useful ways to implement the world wide web to better our lives and the world around us. But the undisputed best thing mankind has ever used the internet for is looking at pictures of really cute cats.

It doesn’t even matter if you claim not to be a “cat person”—cats are capable of turning even the most cold-hearted soul into a major softie.

Maybe it’s their uncanny ability to find themselves in compromising positions. Maybe it’s their ability to have the most hilarious facial expressions (often while in the aforementioned compromising positions). Maybe it’s because no matter how different cats are from one another, every cat owner can relate to certain cat-isms—red laser light, we’re looking at you. Or maybe it’s because there’s nothing cuter than a fuzzy wuzzy kitten looking fluffy and adorable.

Whatever it is, cat memes are basically the reason the internet is invented. That’s why we deemed it important to whittle down a list of our top 10 cat memes that make us laugh, cry (from laughing so hard), or simply want to grab our own kitties and give them a loving squeeze.

Now, we’d like to introduce you to some of the best cats on the internet.

This Obviously Innocent Kitty

when you try to discipline your cat from

This Shady Little Guy

nutella cat from

This Confident Cat Who Is Going to Conquer the Red Dot, Once and For All

confident carl from

This Fancy-Faced Feline

black chin from

This Cat Who May or May Not Have Ruined Christmas

interview cat from

This Cat Teaching Carl How to Cat

lap sitting carl from

This Cat With Killer Instincts…

ungrateful human from

… And This Cat With Not-So-Killer Instincts

oliver brings teabags from

This Kitty Who Gets Away with Everything

when you try to discipline your cat from

Finally, This Grumpy Cat that Pretty Much Broke the Internet (RIP)

grumpy cat from

That sums it up—now, go find a kitteh to cuddle.

Meet the Author: Magee Walker

Magee Walker was a late bloomer to the snowboard scene, but thankfully discovered the joys of the sport after moving to Vancouver and spending weekends in Whistler. She's now lucky enough to call Whistler her full-time home, and spends her days conquering the mountain, by foot in the summer and by snowboard boot in the winter.

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