The Definitive List of the 10 Best Dog Memes in the World

The best thing in the world? Your dog doing something silly to make you laugh.

The second-best thing in the world? Hilarious dog memes—think of it as a stand-in giggle for when your dog isn’t there with you in real-time to make you laugh.

Of course, dog memes are a dime a dozen, but truly good dog memes are somewhat few and far between. We scoured the internet (yep, the whole thing—or just about) to fetch you the absolute best dog memes featuring the cutest dogs in existence, in our humble opinion.

Now, we’d like to introduce you to the funniest, the most relatable, or just the all-around sweetest pups there ever were. Enjoy our favorite memeable doggos.

These Uncanny Lookalikes

dog and snog from

This Yellow Lab Lacking in Loyalty

dog bolting from

This Enthusiastic Pupper


This Funny Fuzzer and His Buddy with the Best Expressions Ever

a spelling bee! from

This Modest Little Guy

who’s a good boy from

This Adorable Target Mascot Lookalike, but Fluffier

target dog from

This Retriever Who Invented the Term “Puppy Eyes”

let me in. I need to go back out again.

This Cool-as-a-Cucumber Canine

Here comes your crush. Act natural. from

This Worldly Stick Afficionado

waitin on my luggage from

This Business-Savvy, Floppy-Eared Pair

branch manager and assistant branch manager from

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