The Ultimate Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Pooch

Dogs are the real loves of our lives.

We know you don’t need a special holiday to treat your furry best friend, but Valentine’s Day seems like a particularly good time to show your pooch you love him with a present (or ten). While there are plenty of dog products on the market, we’ve rounded up a handful of gifts that will keep on giving well after you buy them.

Add Some Variety to Your Dog’s Food

You want to feed your dog the best available dog food out there and to keep his smile in top shape. But even the most easy-going of pups need a change once in a while—and you can provide that by adding all kinds of exciting, tasty toppers or broths to his usual dry food.

Proper Toppers are grain-free add-ons you can pour over your dog’s food to make it more appealing. They come in wet or dry form, in flavors such as chicken, fish, and turkey. They contain few ingredients, with no by-products and no corn soy, but lots of special superfoods like pumpkin, dried apple, and dried blueberries. They also contain vitamins (A, E, and D3).

Another option is bone broths, created especially to provide tons of flavor but also probiotics or top digestive ingredients that soothe and protect the GI tract (such as slippery elm, pumpkin seed and fennel).

If you’re feeling especially creative, try making some of your own treats! We just made up a treat especially for this holiday—Gluten Free Healthy Heart Treats. Not only are they made with natural ingredients and taste great—they’re also great for your dog’s heart health!

Dog DNA Identification Kit

It’s one of the hottest trends: find out what your pooch is made of—literally. There are a number of dog DNA tests in the market but most focus on just figuring out what breeds make up your pooch. Embark does that too, but also a lot more.

Developed in partnership with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Embark is the leading (and most accurate) dog DNA testing company in the market right now. Because their tests look at over 220,000 genetic markers, they can give you information not only about the breeds that make up your dog, but also about your dog’s future health. Embark tests for 170 genetic health conditions in 16 different areas, including congenital hypothyroidism, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, glaucoma, Skeletal Dysplasia, and a number of different heart conditions.

Monthly Subscription Box

You know the kind—subscribe to the service and every month you’ll receive a box with a curated selection of treats, toys and dog-related items to keep both you and your pooch happy. There are numerous themed/seasonal boxes on the market, so shop around to find one that meets your pet’s dietary restrictions and lifestyle.

A good choice is newcomer Pure Earth Pets, which offers biodegradable boxes packed with eco-friendly products, recycled toys, and earth-friendly treats. The company also donates a fraction of proceeds to animal charities across the country.

Finally, there’s also Bullymake, a special subscription program for power chewers. No easily destructed plush toys in the box and a warranty to replace destroyed toys within 14 days. While they don’t customize for allergies, you can choose a “toys only” box and avoid the treats completely (because you already have some great treats).

Digital Pet-Nanny Cam

Self-dubbed as “digital daycare for the home-alone pet,” PetChatz is so much more than a camera you can use to spy on your dog (because, we both know it—that’s the main reason you’re getting one). The two-way audio and video system allows you to watch and hear your dog, but also to dispense treats in four different ways (manually, through the app, or using PawCall or Alexa), and offers sound- and motion-triggered smart video recording.

But that’s not all—and here’s where the cam differs from all the other ones in the market. The camera has a system named PawCall® that allows your furry friend to call you (after some training) by pressing a button with their paw. If that’s still not enough, the camera also features aromatherapy, a chance to play brain games and the option to stream DOGTV on the cam’s screen so your dog can have its own television experience.

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