Tips For Getting Your Cat To Like You

Cats are not always the cuddliest of creatures.

Unlike dogs, felines tend to prefer affection on their own terms and will not hesitate to let you know when they don’t want to be petted. If you’re not their favorite human they might not let you touch them at all. Of course, there are a few ways you can try and win your cat over.

Avoid Eye Contact

While humans view eye contact as a sign of listening and showing respect, cats see it as a threat. Have you ever noticed that the people your cat warms up to quickly tend to be people who don’t actually like cats? It’s because those people avoid your cat and don’t look it in the eye. Your cat takes that as a sign that this person isn’t a threat and will feel more secure in their presence. If you want your cat to like you, try ignoring her.

Pet Her Less

Cats don’t enjoy being touched the way other animals and humans do. While they might occasionally be down for a few strokes behind the ears, cats don’t enjoy being touched in places that make them feel vulnerable. It’s rarely a good idea to try and pet a cat’s belly or rear. Your cat might like you better if you only try and pet her on her terms instead of your own.


Everyone’s a sucker for a good bribe, even cats. With your feline friend all it takes is some truly delectable treats or maybe a bag of catnip. Make your cat see you as the gatekeeper of all that’s delicious and she’ll be putty in your hands. If you’re going to try and butter her up with treats, make sure you shell out for the good stuff.

cat like you


Keep Her Home Clean

Cats are known for keeping a clean house, so you can help things along a bit by making sure to pick up the things she can’t. For instance, try cleaning out her litter box more than once a day. She’ll appreciate the extra effort and recognize that you’re helping out with some of the household duties. Make sure to clean up any fur lying around, too.

Play Games

Felines enjoy a little bit of stress relief each day just like every other warm-blooded creature. Have a stash of toy mice and laser pointers on hand to help her burn off some extra energy at the end of a hard day. Playing with her will create bonding time while also helping to keep her fit and trim, which in turn will make her a happier, friendlier cat.

Speak Softly

It’s not a secret that cats are startled by loud noises. One way you can get your cat on your side is by making yourself a calming presence in the home. Avoiding yelling around your cat or making any sudden, startling noises that might make you seem threatening. This way your cat won’t be afraid to approach you and might even view you as a protector.

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