Top 10 Products at the 2015 Global Pet Expo

From new magazine debuts to electronic devices, the 2015 Global Pet Expo revealed that the pet industry continues to innovate and grow.

Pod Trackers

Yes, this is another GPS tracker. No, it’s not like the others. This sleek-looking tracker is the size of a wine cork, and just as lightweight. Real-time location, perimeter alerts, activity tracking (that allows you to network with other animals nationally), and no contracts or monthly fees makes this the perfect product for both dogs and cats. It even comes with an interchangeable battery so you never have to worry about downtime.IMG_20150308_220106

Cycle Dog Collars

Made from recycled bicycle tire tubing, these soft, beautiful collars are mold-proof, waterproof, and hold up for years. You’ll never have to worry about fraying (even if your dog drags their best friend by the collar, like ours). Available with latch-lock buckles or pop-top openers (so you’re never without a way to open that brew on the beach).

Licks Pill-Free Supplements

Having a tough time giving your pet supplements? LICKS® introduced several new formulas to their lineup of amazing pill-free supplements. Sourced and manufactured in the USA, these individually packaged formulas can be administered straight to mouth, in food or on the paw. Best of all, they boast a 98% absorbency rate.

LICKS continues to innovate with two new cat formulas (IMMUNITY and MULTI-VITAMIN FEEDING AID) and one new dog formula (DIGESTION).


Pet Acoustics

Focusing on the unique hearing of pets enabled pet acoustics to resolve behavioral problems due to anxiety. The bluetooth wristband speaker gives you the freedom to walk and run with your pet without relying on ear buds. Research on the acute hearing of animals has let to the development of species-specific products for pet wellness. Pet Acoustics has been clinically tested and veterinarian approved for calming pets through music.20150304_141146

iFetch Too

iFetch, Too! took Second Place in the New Product showcase for a machine that helps your dog to fetch. Simply drop the ball into the machine and the toy shoots it out the other side. You can even train your dog to play fetch with himself if you have limited mobility and a high-energy dog.

Foobler Toy

This unique interactive toy has a timer that releases treats at scheduled intervals and is the perfect distraction for your dogs while you’re away from home. It can hold up to two cups of food which is distributed by your dog rolling it around. Prior to each cycle of releasing food, it emits a specific beep to let your pet know it’s ready to roll.20150305_120513

The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Chicken Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Revel Dog FoodThe Honest Kitchen introduced their newest recipe, a chicken and oats recipe. The Whole Grain Chicken Formula (Revel) is an extremely palatable diet that goes over well with even the pickiest pups. It is formulated for all life stages so even puppies can enjoy it. It is also a budget-friendly diet and will only cost $1.50/day to feed a 30 lb dog. It is a great food to start with if you are new to The Honest Kitchen foods and can be served on its own as a complete meal or mixed with kibble for a healthy topper.

Crazy K Farm Cat Walking Harness

Developed for cats who enjoy walks, this harness is perfect for any sized feline and is now available in reflective safety colors. Choose from Neon Pink or Neon Green and make sure your cat can be seen both day and night. The vest is lightweight and made from 100% breathable cotton to keep cats cool. Each vest arrives with a guide, “How to Train Your Cat to Walk On A Leash”.IMG_20150309_161016

Rein Coat

This harness-coat couple helps reduce anxiety of pets while protecting them from the elements. Water resistant, it offers a comfortable, breathable fit. “Rein in” fear and anxiety while still protecting your pets! This coat is made in the USA.

NekoFlies Birbug Toy

The telescoping rod is made from high quality graphite rod and adjustable to 3 sizes: 18″, 25″, 32’. Choose from many specially designed lures guaranteed to entice any cat to play, or stick with the uniquely designed bird/bug toy that allows for a dynamic gliding action.20150306_110449

Meet the Author: Stacy Mantle

As a pet product adviser and animal lifestyle consultant, Stacy is a leading authority in the pet industry and has built a solid reputation by providing informative articles to animal lovers worldwide. She has taken this knowledge into the business world where she acts as a consultant to corporations who are seeking out ways to develop the best new products, and works closely with corporations to help bring awareness to high-quality, cost-effective and “pet-approved” products and services. Stacy is a product review board member of the National Canine Cancer Foundation and is often the final approval for companies seeking their Seal of Approval and Seal of Excellence.

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