Affectionate Ways Your Dog Shows He Loves You

Love is always in the air when you have a dog.

Your affectionate pooch has a plethora of ways to tell you that he thinks you’re the bee’s knees. But he doesn’t let his lack of verbal communication skills get in the way. Dogs show how much they love you through their behavior and body language. Here are some not-so-subtle hints that your dog wants you to be his valentine!

Tail Wagging

This is the most common sign that your pooch is happy to see you. However, it can mean different things, especially if it’s a dog you’ve never met before. Tail wagging can be a sign of aggression or fear. When a dog wags his tail up and down high in the air, you can take it as a positive sign. A tail wagging low or in a horizontal movement is more likely to be a sign of fear or nervousness.


Since your dog doesn’t speak human, he may use barking to alert you of his feelings. When two dogs play together, it’s common for them to bark and nip at each other. It’s the same thing that’ll happen when you get him riled up, so he’s likely to display similar behavior with you. Even though it’s a sign of excitement, be careful that his little love nips don’t turn into overexcited and painful bites.


Did you know that some dogs can smile? Dogs feel some of the same emotions as humans, and happy is one of them. And just like us, your dog may be able to smile to get his point across. Researchers have found that dogs often use facial expressions in similar ways to show this emotion. That means if you think that your dog is smiling at you, he really could be flashing you a big, happy grin!


When dogs live in the wild, licking is seen as a sign of submission a younger dog displays to a dominant member of the pack. But between dogs and humans, licking is a common exhibit of affection. It doesn’t matter where his tongue lands; you will feel the love with those slobbery kisses! In some cases, your dog may simply like the taste of salt on your skin from perspiration or he may be licking you as a sign of respect.

Following the Leader

Does your dog pull double duty as your shadow? Some dogs thrive on human interaction, so you shouldn’t be surprised if your dog follows you around the house. He’ll want to spend as much time with you as possible to strengthen your bond; to him, there’s no such thing as personal space.

Jumping for Joy

Often seen as a bad habit, there are times when your dog just can’t contain his love for you and has to jump. When your dog is excited to see you, jumping up and down is a natural behavior for him. But jumping isn’t enough. Be ready for an onslaught of licking and barking to follow.

Bed Time

Dogs like to sleep in a pack. If your dog views you as a family member and cuddle buddy, he’ll try to climb into bed with you or fall asleep curled up beside you on the couch. This has to be the cutest way your dog says “I love you!”

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