Video: How a Cook Trained His Cats

The trick to training cats, according to Jun:

“I only trained them the paw trick, but the rest I made them get used to.” So more accurately, he tricked his cats into doing what he wanted when he wanted. Now the cats think they’re doing what they want to, but we won’t tell them that.

If your cats are overly curious about your doings, especially your cooking, then let them sniff everything. Every new item to them brings curiosity, so let them engage with it as soon as you show it to them. Then they’ll be less likely to explore it on their own…at 3:00 in the morning.

Meet the Author: Thomas Mulcahy

Thomas can't remember a time when his household didn't have a four-legged member of the family. When our Giant Schnauzer isn't digging around for rodents to play with, she's patiently waiting for food to drop to the floor or barking at the mailman. Thomas now swears by Schnauzers as being the best breed ever—they don't shed and they're the smartest and most entertaining dogs he's ever met. Plus the Giants make great wrestling partners.

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