Videos: Some of the Best Animal Commercials (From the Super Bowl)

There are two reasons people watch the Super Bowl: the actual game, and the commercials.

Personally, I’m in the commercial category, and this year didn’t disappoint. We got some nonsense commercials, some funny ones, some tearful ones, some entertaining movie trailers, and most importantly: ones that used pets to play on our emotions. Here are a few of the best from this year, and a few from previous years that we couldn’t pass up including.


Doritos has a great track record with Super Bowl commercials. They definitely brought their game again this year (not like I need more motivation to buy Doritos…).


This is what happens when dogs use voice-activated technology.


GoDaddy using cats in a commercial? In context with the whole commercial, it kind of makes sense…but not really. Eh, whatever. Who doesn’t love watching animals riding Roombas (warning: motion sickness alert).


Previous Years

Heinz, 2016

Weiner Dogs in hotdog costumes. It’s a wonder it took Heinz until 2016 to capitalize on it.

EDS, 2000

“It’s like herding cats.” Quite possibly the best commercial ever.

Meet the Author: Thomas Mulcahy

Thomas can't remember a time when his household didn't have a four-legged member of the family. When our Giant Schnauzer isn't digging around for rodents to play with, she's patiently waiting for food to drop to the floor or barking at the mailman. Thomas now swears by Schnauzers as being the best breed ever—they don't shed and they're the smartest and most entertaining dogs he's ever met. Plus the Giants make great wrestling partners.

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