Why Cat Videos are the Biggest Thing on the Internet

You’ve probably seen many of them yourself and if not, you’ve probably been living in a cave.

If you’re online, you’ve watched them whether you care to admit it or not. Here are a few reasons why we seem addicted to this stuff.

Hey, That’s My Cat

If you’re a cat owner, and congratulations to you if you are, you can identify with a lot of these videos. Is your cat the one who drinks from the faucet? Maybe she is the one who sleeps on your head. You may be pleasantly surprised to learn your cat is not so weird after all. On the other hand, if you’re the one who wakes to a cat sitting on your head, it’s sometimes nice to know other cat owners share your pain.

I Guess Mine’s Not So Bad

The internet is full of videos of cats knocking things off a table. Why this is so hilarious is up to the psychologists to determine, but it sure is funny. Maybe it’s because you realize your cat is not so bad, or is it that knowing someone else is going through the same thing makes it easier? Watching a cat knock things off your table is akin to slapstick comedy, but then you have to clean up the mess. Watching a cat do it to someone else’s things is hilarious.

Ever Bathe a Cat?

Probably not, but you can witness it online, where you’re safe. Try to witness it in person and you’ll probably get your own video posted up. Most cats prefer not to get wet, and that’s just putting it mildly. Some, however, do like baths and those are the ones who get their 15 minutes of fame online. Of course, there are way more videos of the ones who refuse a bath than the ones who love it, but once again, that’s because we seem to enjoy seeing other people’s pain.

Cats Versus Dogs

Believe it or not: not everybody is a cat lover. The age-old argument between cat and dog lovers will never die, and the dog lovers’ reasoning is fueled by these cat videos. Sure, some of them are cute as heck but many of them show the downside—sorry, but there sometimes is one—to cat ownership. Dog lovers enjoy these videos as much as we do, just for differing reasons.

It’s Like Herding Cats

An information technologies company called EDS launched their award-winning commercial on herding cats during the Super Bowl in 2000. Many folks believe this to be one of, if not the best, commercials ever on TV. It didn’t start on the internet, but it’s there now and you can see it here if you need to refresh your memory. This spot was the granddaddy of all cat videos, though this one was staged; or was it?

Meet the Author: Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan is a full-time musician along with a humor, travel and outdoor recreation columnist. He's also an avid skier and golfer and has traveled extensively around the U.S, the Caribbean and Europe. His musical career takes him all over the U.S. and his wife drags him everywhere else. His weekly columns “The Life of Ryan” ran in the Transcript and Sentinel newspaper chain for several years and have been featured in the Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News and Mile High Magazine. He is the co-founder, editor and humor columnist for ColoradoLocalLegends.com and currently resides in Morrison, Colorado.

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