Concierge Upgrade FAQ

There are exciting upgrades coming to the Concierge program in late August! As a current Concierge member, read on to learn more about it. 

What’s happening?

On August 24, Concierge will become web-based and you will have the ability to manage your recurring Concierge orders on our website! This will give you greater control over your order management and payment information as well as easy access to order history. We are also changing some of the Concierge benefits so they are easier to manage online with enhanced visibility.  But don’t worry!  You will still have direct access to Chris who can personally help you manage your orders.

What do I need to do?

  1. Please enter your credit card and billing information into your account on our website. This must be done by August 19th, 2016 to make sure there’s no interruption to your recurring orders and to maintain your 10% discount. Login using the same email you use to contact Chris. Click the 'forgot password' button if its been awhile since you logged in – or if you’ve never logged in. Log in here >
  2. Click on 'My Account' found in the nav bar at the top of the page. Then select 'My Credit Cards' on the left in the blue box.  Click 'New Credit Card' and enter the billing and card information for the card that you want to use for your recurring Concierge orders.  Click 'Save Credit Card'
  3. OPTIONAL THANK YOU GIFT: Add a 5.5oz Chicken OR Turkey Proper Toppers OR a 2 oz Wishes fish treat to your shopping cart.  Enter promo code: 99TREAT to purchase the item for just .99 cents! Double check that your billing info looks correct and checkout with free shipping.

Watch this quick video tutorial on what you need to do by Aug 19:


When can I access my orders online?

You will be able to see your recurring Concierge orders in the 'My Account' section of our website after the program launches – which is planned for Aug 24th.  We will be sending out emails keeping you informed on when you can expect access to your orders and providing extra instructions on how it all works. Contact us with any questions!

Will I lose my 10% discount?

No, you won’t! Once the online portal launches all NEW Concierge members will receive a 5% discount, but you will be grandfathered in at 10%! But you do need to enter your billing info and make sure your online account is working properly to keep your discount. However, if you are currently an on hold member and do not set up a recurring order by August 31st, 2016, you will lose your 10% discount. See On Hold FAQ below for more details.

I currently have my Concierge orders On Hold. What does this mean for me?

In order to retain your current Concierge membership and your ongoing 10% discount, you will need to set up a recurring order when the online portal launches on August 24 or contact Chris to set it up.  If you don’t need an order immediately, you can set up the recurring order to ship at a future date.  However, if you do not have a recurring order set up by August 31st, your account will revert to a regular retail account and rejoining the Concierge Club later will only offer a 5% discount.

What happens with my free rewards box?

All current rewards boxes will be converted to rewards points and a point total will be allocated to your online account.  This will allow you more visibility into your rewards total and gives you more control over using your points!  You will now earn 1 point for every $1 spent – so you will earn points for buying non-food items like treats and supplements.  You can spend your points more freely too and use points for smaller free items like treats or keep saving for a free box of food.  Learn more about points here >

Please note: Your rewards points will appear in your online account on Aug 24!

What happens to birthday treats?

We will no longer be offering free birthday treats but will instead be doing Pet Appreciation Promos throughout the year with free products for your pet! This will allow you to chose the perfect treat for your pet and know when to expect it.  Now it’s your pet’s birthday ALL year!

What about Concierge only promos and invitations?

Nothing is changing there! As a Concierge member, you and your pet are still our most valuable pack members and we will continue to offer you exclusive Concierge-only promotions and invitations to try new products before they are in stores.  Did we mention we have some new treats coming out this fall and Concierge members will see them first?!

More questions?

Give Chris a call at 619-450-2825 or email him at!  FYI - we will have additional THK staff on hand to help with questions during this transition.

Thank you for your time and patience during this exciting upgrade!