concentrated nutrition pet food

4x weight when hydrated     

Bigger isn't always better!

Our pet food is dehydrated, which means the moisture has been gently removed from our fresh ingredients. This makes our foods compact & nutrient dense, since they don't include water weight.

When comparing our boxes to bigger bags of kibble, remember that you'll add the water when it's time to serve - just like you would with instant soup mix or oatmeal. The food will yield 4x its initial dry weight!

One 10lb box of our food:

- Equals 80 half-cup servings
- Makes about 40lbs of fresh food
- Costs as little as $1.50 per day to feed a 30 lb dog
- Will last a 30lb dog about 6 weeks
- Would cost ~$170 if you were to purchase the same fresh ingredients in a food store

Cost savings vs cans

Our dehydrated food is a much better value than canned food! The comparison to the right shows over a 40% savings along with the added benefit of being less processed!
compared to canned dog food

less expensive than pet food alternatives

Less expensive than alternatives

The table to the left breaks down some of the cost savings when comparing The Honest Kitchen to average prices for frozen raw, freeze dried and packaged fresh food.