Honest Kitchen 101

How do I make your food?

Making our dehydrated foods is as easy as 1-2-3! 1) Just add water 2) Wait 3 min while food rehydrates 3) Serve with love!

What exactly does 'Human Grade' mean?

Human Grade means ‘food grade’ or fit for human consumption. For us, it’s a line in the sand about the quality and integrity of the finished products we send out the door. We blend our healthy pet food in a human food facility that makes things like breakfast cereal and bakery mixes. So, we abide by the same strict standards for safety, cleanliness, record-keeping and overall quality as the place that whips up your favorite cookie dough.

How will my dog’s teeth get clean with a soft food?

Contrary to popular belief, kibble doesn't actually clean the teeth. For the most part, dogs (and some cats) actually swallow their kibble whole and don't chew their food at all. You'll know this if you've ever had the misfortune of seeing your pet regurgitate his kibble, when those pellets come back up the same way they went in! This means the pellets don't have a chance to come into much contact with the teeth, and even if they were to be crunched, they aren't really hard enough to have an abrasive action that's effective enough to scrape tartar from the teeth. If kibble is chewed (which may happen in some smaller dogs and cats) the sugars and refined carbohydrates are actually more likely to get impacted into the gum line, which is detrimental for the long term health of the teeth and mouth.

I can see bits of food in my dog’s stool, are they not absorbing the nutrients?

When dogs eat a high moisture, whole food diet such as ours, the stool will not look the same as it did when consuming a dry kibble or raw food. The stool will reflect the colorful ingredients going in. It's not abnormal to see pieces of carrots, spinach, etc. present in the stool. The nutrients, phyto-nutrients and antioxidants from the foods are still being absorbed. Since the food is high in moisture and fiber it's also common for the stool to be more voluminous. Our office dogs go 3-4 times a day.

Do you make puppy foods?

We do! We make multiple diets with higher calorie and fat levels perfect for growing puppies or active adults. We recommend running through our product selector to find the perfect diet for your puppy's needs.

Is your food raw?

Our recipes are made from dehydrated whole food ingredients, but they're not quite the same as raw. Our meats, fish, and eggs are gently steamed at about 165F before being dehydrated to make sure they're safe and free of any pathogens, without the use of harmful irradiation. The steaming process means that these ingredients are not considered raw.
Our leafy greens are also steamed in a dry-steam process which takes place after dehydration, as a food safety measure. All our remaining produce is dehydrated below 104F, and is still considered raw after the drying is complete.
Our potatoes and grains are flash heated (and rolled in the case of our grains) to help break down the cellulose, which aids in digestion. They are then gently dehydrated to remove the moisture.
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Feeding & Storage

How much do I feed my pet?

When viewing a product detail page, look for the 'How long will a box last? View our feeding chart.' link underneath the ADD TO CART button. This will show you a chart where you can determine the right amount for your pet.

How long does a box last?

When viewing a product detail page, look for the 'How long will a box last? View our feeding chart.' link underneath the ADD TO CART button. This will show you a chart where you can determine how long a box will last based on how much food you are feeding your pet.

Once I’ve added water, can I refrigerate or freeze the food? For how long?

Once the dehydrated food has been rehydrated with warm water, you may cover and refrigerate any uneaten portions for 2-3 days. Frozen leftovers will keep for even longer. We suggest adding a little bit of warm water to the mix and stirring before serving.

Do I have to add extras, like meat or other foods?

No, adding other ingredients to our diets is not necessary (except for our base mixes which require protein to be added). Our foods are formulated to meet the AAFCO Nutrient Profiles and can be fed alone. However, many of our customers love to mix up their companion’s meals with home-made extras. We encourage this because we think pet’s deserve variety in their diets just like we humans do. Our foods have balanced calcium: phosphorus ratios to allow you to add in extras in moderate amounts without throwing these important minerals outside their optimum ratios.

If I want to add extras, what do you recommend?

Popular add-ins are meat, raw meaty bones, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, veggies and fruits. We recommend 1/2 to 1 cup of extra ingredients for each dry-measured cup of the food.

Do I need to add a vitamin or mineral supplement?

No, this is not necessary since our foods contain a human-grade vitamin mineral premix. Other supplements such as enzymes and herbs can be added according to your pet’s individual needs.

How do I store your food?

Our dehydrated foods are naturally shelf stable and should be stored in a cool, dry place – out of sunlight. We don’t recommend refrigerating our food when it’s dry, because this can introduce moisture. If you want to freeze the food, you should hydrate it first (some of our customers like to freeze in individual pre-made portions). If you do choose to place the dry food in the freezer, we recommend keeping the box in the freezer for the remainder of its use.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Our foods have a shelf life of twelve to twenty four months, depending on the product, the ambient temperature and humidity where you live. The date of manufacture is printed on the top of every box in a specially designed ‘tear out and keep’ card.


Introducing your dog to The Honest Kitchen

For dogs making the change from a processed diet of kibble or canned food, our food should be introduced gradually, over a period of four to seven days depending on your dog’s sensitivity. If your dog is already consuming a varied, raw or home cooked diet, our foods can usually be introduced more quickly, over one or two meals. Start by adding just a small amount of the Honest Kitchen (with water added) into your dog’s current meals. Gradually increase the amount of the Honest Kitchen while decreasing the amount of your dog’s original diet. This will allow the natural ‘friendly’ gut flora in the intestines to get accustomed to the new diet and become more efficient at digesting the new food. How much you start with will depend on the size of your pup and how sensitive they are to change. For some, ¼ of the Honest Kitchen and ¾ of the original diet may work well. For more sensitive dogs, start with a smaller amount. For more robust tummies, you may try ½ and ½. Feel free to adjust the amount and schedule to suit your pup’s individual needs.

Introducing your cat to The Honest Kitchen

With some cats, the introduction is easy and they love our food right away, and others end up in a battle of will with their owners – they’re creatures of habit and have quite particular opinions on things, after all! We recommend hydrating very small amounts (pea-size portions) of Honest Kitchen food initially, and adding this to their current food. Then, gradually increase the Honest Kitchen food each day over a period of weeks (if needed). Cats have their preferences, and because they are such tactile creatures, you should play around with the water content – adding more if they enjoy soupy meals or using less water if the preference is a tacky consistency.

Any tips for a picky dog?

Some dogs present a challenge simply because they are quite “hooked” on their current dry kibble or other lower-quality commercial pet food (often flavor-enhanced) and they seem to see no reason to accept something new, however healthy it may be for them. This is akin to a child who is used to eating McDonalds every day and is suddenly being expected to eat vegetables. Here are some tips to try if you find that your dog is being particularly stubborn. Feel free to experiment with your own ideas, too! Try mixing in a small amount of ground meat (chicken, turkey, beef, etc.) with the food. Offer the food for just 30 minutes, whatever is not eaten within this period, pick it up, refrigerate, and serve it to them at the next feeding time. Healthy animals can fast for a day at a time with no harm. Note: If your dog is used to free-feeding, the first step will be to teach a new schedule of regular meal times. Rehydrate The Honest Kitchen with a low-sodium broth in replace of the water. Add a spoonful of plain yogurt, cottage cheese, or a sprinkle of shredded cheese. Adjust the texture of the food by increasing or decreasing the amount of water to make the food more or less soupy.

Help! My cat won't eat it.

Cats can be tricky customers and it can be very challenging to persuade them to try something new! Here are a few tried-and-tested tips for transitioning your picky kitty to a new diet. Go slow: cats seem more averse to change than dogs, so we recommend hydrating very small amounts (half teaspoon portions) of The Honest Kitchen initially, and adding this to their current food. Then, gradually increase THK food each day over a period of weeks. Add enticements: cats are also led by their keen sense of smell, so including some savory foods like bits of meat, cottage cheese, yogurt, raw or cooked egg can help during the transition. Variety is the spice of life, so mix it up! Trick them: sometimes it’s necessary to coax your cat to try something new with a mind game. We’ve heard much success with this one! Hydrate the food and then dip the cat's paw into it. Since cats want to be clean, they will lick their paw – and in the process become more accustomed to the taste and tastiness of The Honest Kitchen food! Changing their feeding schedule: if your cat is used to grazing at will with a bowl of dry food, start by feeding only two times per day, leaving the food out for about 30 minutes each time. Pick up the leftover food, refrigerate and serve to them at the next feeding time. Healthy animals can fast for a day at a time with no harm so don't worry if they miss a meal.

Online Reward Points

How do I redeem my reward points?

You can redeem your Reward Points for discounts on your orders. Simply add items to your cart and proceed to checkout. During step 2, you will see a section titled Apply THK Reward Points. Note: You will only see this section if you have enough points. Select your point amount from the drop down and click apply.

How do I review my reward points balance?

Sign into your account and go to the Rewards tab. Here you can view all the points you have earned and redeemed.

Do points expire?

Yes, points expire 365 days from the day they were earned.


Where do I track the status of my order?

Go to your Account page and click on the orders tab. There you will see the current status as well as all past orders.

Can I edit my recent order?

Once an order is placed, it cannot be edited. If you are having an issue, please give us a call directly and we will see what we can do!

What are recurring orders and how do I set one up?

Recurring orders are orders that will ship automatically on a schedule of your choosing. Setting up a recurring order saves you the hassle of remembering to order food and will also save you 5% on every order! You can set up recurring orders from your shopping cart - simply select the 'SAVE 5%' box next to the product and select the frequency you want the product delivered. Make changes at any time from the My Account section.

How do I manage my recurring order ie. change order date, address or card info, etc?

Please visit https://www.thehonestkitchen.com/recurring-order-support for more information on managing your recurring order.

Shipping & returns

What are your shipping rates?

Please view our shipping page here >

I recently placed an order. Has it shipped yet?

You will receive email notification once your order has left our warehouse. Be sure to check your junk and spam folders!

How can I track my order?

Once an order has shipped out, we will send you an email with the tracking number. Just copy the tracking number and go to the UPS, FedEx or USPS website, depending on who shipped your package, and enter in your tracking number for an update.

I accidentally placed my order with the incorrect shipping address. What should I do?

Please call our Customer Service Department at 1-866-437-9729 and they will be able to help you.

What days do you ship?

We ship Monday through Friday. We need the weekends to spend with our 2 and 4 legged families. We also don't ship on all major holidays.

What is your online return policy?

Please view our returns page here >

I sent in my return, has it been processed?

Returns can take up to two weeks to be received and processed. Once completed, you will be emailed a confirmation of the return.

Promo Codes

How do I redeem a promo code?

1. Add your code to your order on the shopping cart page, before you submit your order to us. 2. Click ‘apply a promo code’ above your order total on the shopping cart page. 3. Enter the promo code you’d like to use and click the 'apply' button. If the promo code is valid, you’ll see the discount that was taken off your order. If it’s not valid, you’ll receive an error.

I keep getting an error message!

First, double check that there are no additional spaces before or after the code when you pasted it in the box. Then ensure that the code is not past its expiration date. If you are recieving special pricing through a special group, not all promos may be valid for you. If you are still having troubles, please contact us.

Promo code fine print

Promo codes cannot be used in combination with other discounts, coupons, promotions, shipping specials or other promo codes. Promo codes are not valid on past orders or recurring orders. Only one (1) promo code may be redeemed per user, per order. You have to add your promo code at checkout prior to submitting your order. Unless there is a malfunction of the site, this responsibility is all yours. Promo codes are redeemable on select merchandise only. Promo codes may require a minimum dollar value purchase. Code expires on the specified expiration date. No rain checks will be granted. Promo Codes can only be redeemed online at thehonestkitchen.com.