Our History

Download an infographic celebrating our 10 year anniversary!


  • Lucy was making her dog Mosi’s food with pureed fresh ingredients. The results were great, but the mess in her kitchen was not.
  • After a lot of cleanups and even more experimenting, Lucy determined dehydrating whole foods was the way to go.
  • Raw ingredients suppliers began shipping samples to Lucy's little kitchen in Pacific Beach, California, where a prototype recipe for Verve was born.
  • Mosi’s pals from the dog park began to eat Verve, and Noah’s Ark Pet Store in Pacific Beach wanted to carry it, too.
  • Soon after that, Lucy found human food manufacturers that wanted to get into her crazy gourmet pet food business.
  • The first batch of Verve was 2,000 lbs. And it sold like human-grade hot cakes.
  • When the website was set up and the first test order was placed, Lucy discovered somebody had actually beaten her to the shopping cart. Thanks Linda from Virginia! We’re grateful for your order—even though we lost money on shipping.
Quality Dog Food


  • Each batch produced was a little larger than the one before. Many of the customers who ordered in those early times still buy today. That’s Lucy on the left packing boxes in the garage the night before her daughter was born.
  • The people had spoken. They wanted a diet like Verve but without the grains. So, Force hit the shelves—once Mosi had given his seal of approval, of course.
Quality Dog Food


  • Our first employee Laurette—and her Dalmation, Charlie—joined the team. Both are still with us today!
  • The FDA provided a formal statement of no objection to The Honest Kitchen, permitting us to use the term “Human-grade” on our product labels.
  • Embark was developed and introduced so puppies could eat The Honest Kitchen, too.
  • Our first cookies, Smooches, became available for dogs everywhere.
  • Rescued from Northern California and brought first-class to San Diego by THK staff, Harry, our beloved tomcat, joined the team.
Quality Dog Food


  • We unveiled our first cat food, Prowl, as well as Preference, a dehydrated foundation diet for dogs – just veggies, fruit and nothing else.
  • We sponsored our first dog park in Pacific Beach and went to our first consumer event in Pasadena, CA – with dogs and baby in tow.


  • Thrive, a limited-ingredient diet for sensitive pups was launched by popular demand.
  • Nuzzles, duck and cherry cookies started rolling off the production line.
  • We added more staff to help keep up with demand and held our ‘new employee interviews’ in the garden! We were getting busy, but still carved out visits to the beach.


  • In a moment of lapsed concentration, our customer service specialist, Jenna, made one customer's day, when she ended a call by accidently saying “Bye, I love you!”
  • To reduce our pawprint, we launched our new eco-friendly packaging solution.
  • We moved our office of 11 humans and 7 canines to the old Wonderbread building in San Diego’s up-and-coming East Village.


  • Keen was launched, along with Pecks, buffalo and blueberry cookies.
  • CNBC came to visit for some on-film taste testing. 'Twas a good day to be a THK dog.


  • Production runs now exceed 100,000 lbs!
  • We made our debut on Food Network's Will Work for Food while working hard to source some exciting new raw ingredients for new product launches.
  • We moved to 100% sustainably-farmed, free-range chicken, from Petaluma Poultry in California.
  • Lucy's new Rhodesian Ridgeback baby, Taro, and Christin's baby, Ollie joined the team.
Honest Kitchen Puppies


  • We released Made out of Love, our first recipe book with dishes to prepare for, and share with, your animal companions.
  • Our Wishes pure fish jerky treats launched – a treat for dogs and cats made from 100% dehydrated wild, line caught Icelandic Haddock.
  • Zeal, our first complete fish recipe was released. Made exclusively with wild caught, human-grade fish, it was a huge hit with even the fussiest of pups!


  • We were 16 employees and 10 dogs strong.
  • We redesigned our boxes, upgrading to a combination of recycled and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) kraft.
  • The Honest Kitchen was recognized as a “Dream Job” by Outside Magazine.
  • Two brand new diets also hit store shelves: Love, a grain-free beef recipe for dogs, and Grace, a grain-free turkey recipe for cats.
  • While remaining a family owned company, we took on a minority investment to raise capital that would allow us to hire new staff—and expand our marketing and sales outreach.
  • We reached 50,000 facebook fans—and celebrated by giving three lucky fans 50% off all products for a year.
  • We joined GSDBA (Greater San Diego Business Association), which empowers and promotes gay and lesbian businesses, professionals, and supportive members of the gay and lesbian community.


  • We celebrated our 10 year anniversary with 18 human employees and 26 four-legged executives.
  • We still make time for trips to the dog parks, tea time and now bring in a masseuse once a month for chair massages in our office headquarters.
  • We purchased two Public Bikes, which employees use to get around town.
  • Our first San Diego-based board meeting kicked off with real boards at the beach.
  • BusinessWeek paired The Honest Kitchen’s Embark with Chardonnay for a special feature on gourmet, human-grade dog foods.
  • We released Beams, Atlantic Catfish, to complement Wishes as our crisp and clean line of pure-meat treats.


  • Pro Bloom™, an instant goat’s milk with five billion added probiotics and digestive enzymes for dogs and cats, was added to our line of products.
  • The True Stories™ Social Testimonial Sharing Platform was launched, which allows customers to upload their product success stories and pet photos.
  • We won the coveted Nexty Award, which identified us as a thought leader, innovator and “next big thing” in the natural products industry.
  • We launched our low calorie training treats, Quickies™, made from wild Icelandic line-caught haddock crafted into a tiny, bite-sized heart shape.
  • We kicked off Smittens™, our first pure-fish cat treat made from wild Icelandic line-caught haddock and containing just 1.1 calorie per treat.
  • Outside Magazine named The Honest Kitchen as one of America’s “Best Places to Work” in 2013 for the 3rd year in a row!



  • Revel, our whole grain chicken recipe for hounds on a budget was added to our product line.
  • Lucy was named a Women of Influence from Pet Age Magazine.
  • We added two new products to our minimalist line: Brave and Marvel
  • We were featured in the July issue of Forbes Magazine.  View the article here.
  • We launched our new Beef Bone Broth with Turmeric.
  • We released the first holiday scratch and sniff book for dogs, 'Is That My Dinner?'