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Honest Kitchen recurring orders

Our recurring order program is great way to save money and time!
Find some helpful tips and videos below to make it easy to manage your recurring orders.

    • How to switch your next order date

      Don't need more food now and want to push out your order? It's easy! Just head to the My Account section and click on Recurring Orders. Click on the Next Order Date and select the date you would like. That's it!

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    • How to take advantage of promotions and discounts

      Did you know that as long as you have a recurring order set up, you will save 5% off ALL your purchases on, including one time orders. That means if you want to take advantage of a discount (let's say a $5 coupon), you will get your 5% discount PLUS the $5 off. That's our thank you to you for being a loyal customer!

      Please note that there is currently no way to use discounts with your recurring orders. However, you can take advantage of a promotion by placing a one time order and if you need to, just adjust your next order date per the directions above.

    • How to update your mailing address

      1. Go to the My Account section and click on Recurring Orders.
      2. Click on More Details and then (Change) next to Delivery Address. Here you can enter your new shipping details.

      Note: You need to update EVERY item in your recurring order this way with the new address info if you have more than one item in the order.

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    • How to update your credit card

      1. Go to the My Account section and click on Credit Cards.
      2. Click on Create New Credit Card and enter your new card info.
      3. Then go to the Recurring Order section and click on More Details. Click (Change) next to Payment Information and select the card you just entered.
      4. If you have more than one item in your order, you can select YES from the drop down and your credit card information will be updated for all items in your recurring order.

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    • How to switch items in a recurring order or add a one time item

      Unfortunately there is no way for you to switch items or add in a one time item to your order manually. But you can contact us and we'd be happy to set it up for you! Please email us at or call us at: 1 (866) 437-9729

    • Can you rotate diets with recurring orders

      You can! The easiest way is to contact us with the diets and frequency that you would like (i.e. 10 lb Grain Free Chicken first, then 4 weeks later a box of 10 lb Grain Free Beef, then back to Chicken, etc). After they are set up, you can go into the Recurring Order section and update the order frequency as needed.

    • Can I use rewards points with recurring orders

      You earn 1 point on every dollar spent at and that includes on recurring orders. However, it is not possible for you to use your accumulated points for a discount on your recurring order.

      You can either place a one time order with your points and adjust your order date (per instructions up top) or contact us and we can help place the order for you!

    • Other questions about recurring orders

      If you have any other questions about recurring orders, don't hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you and try to accomodate the order schedule you would like to establish. Email us at or call us at: 1 (866) 437-9729