Become an Honest Kitchen expert

What is the Certification Program?

It is a certification program to educate and recognize our passionate resellers of the Honest Kitchen including stores, veterinary clinics, dog washes, & natural specialty grocers.

What are the benefits to participating in the program and becoming certified?

These educational training’s provide indepth information about the company history, the rewards program, food dehydration, nutrition, and ingredients, as well as sales tips & tools to help introduce Honest Kitchen products to your customers. You and your staff will better understand the virtues of our dehydrated food, herbal supplements, teas and treats.

Other benefits include:

  • Certified stores will receive *starred* status as a preferred reseller on our new online store locator – letting prospective customers know that you have expert staff on hand to help them choose an Honest Kitchen product for their pet.
  • Highlighted in the Honest Kitchen reseller newsletters
  • Invitations to participate in select taste-tests of new products
  • Ongoing specials throughout the year


How does my store become certified?

1. Sign up for the Certification Program

Resellers now have the option to participate in our training program online. This new convenient option allows team members to complete the training individually, answer the “Honest Questions” and receive their certificate all in one session. Team members participating must include one store manager and/or owner in order to certify your store. Email us with “online training” in the subject line and we will send you the training link as soon as it goes live.

Alternatively, for those stores that wish to have the training in the form of a webinar, we are happy to accommodate your schedule. Please specify that you would prefer the webinar training in your email and we will schedule one for your store.

2. Complete The Honest Questions quiz

When you receive the link, plan on spending approximately 45 minutes completing the training and then answering the “Honest Questions.” Once you pass the questions portion of the exercise, you will be taken to your certificate. Each team member will receive a free Honest Kitchen tshirt upon completion.

Once your store becomes certified, you will receive 10% off your next order!*
*Offer only applies to stores that have not yet participated in a webinar. The above is superceded by previous educational-related promotions and cannot be used in combination with seminar discounts.


Let us know if we can answer any questions, 866.437.9729 (619.450.2826 for International customers) or email us. Thank you for considering enrollment of your store in the Certification Program for resellers!

Already a THK expert? Send us an email with “certifiable” in the subject line to get the Store Education Manual and The Honest Questions emailed to you.