Loyalty Program FAQs

General questions:

What happened to the UPC submission program?

  • We have discontinued our UPC submission program. As of November 1, 2013, we will not accept any more UPCs towards our old rewards program. Please see our two new rewards programs to learn how to earn free THK products!

Questions about the in-store Honest Bucks loyalty program:

I went to my store and they’re not sure how to use the new program, what should I do?

  • Please email (accounts@thehonestkitchen.com) with the name of the store and we’ll reach out to them directly with an Honest Bucks Loyalty Program Kit and all the info they’ll need.

What if my local store doesn’t participate in the new program?

  • Participation is up to each store. We’re happy to call the store on your behalf if you’d like.

Who needs to track my purchases if I shop at a local store?

  • We have provided your local store with a special box to keep envelopes behind the counter and track your purchases for you. If your store doesn’t have the box, you may also take your envelope home (or request one from us) and track your own purchases. Please only keep receipts from one local store in each envelope. Sorry, but receipts from purchases made through online e-tailers cannot be collected in our Honest Bucks Loyalty Envelope, and can’t be counted towards free boxes.

Questions about the program online:

How will my purchases be tracked?

  • We’ll be tracking all your points automatically for you! For each dollar you spend, one point will be added to your account balance after your order processes, which you can check at any time through our website. Points are not valid for redemption until after your order has invoiced and paid for.

I purchase your foods from another online retailer, can I still redeem points?

  • Our new online Loyalty Program is a custom system that’s been developed specifically for our website to track and allow redemption of points, and unfortunately we’re unable to track purchases made via other online e-tailers.

When can I start redeeming my points?

  • We’ve already begun tracking and saving your points for any purchases made since September 1st 2013. You’ll be able to start redeeming them for free items in October. And don’t forget, we gave you 50 points for free, to help you get started!

Do I have to pay for shipping on rewards products?

  • You will need to pay for shipping according to our regular shipping rates. Shipping rates are based on the non-rewards price of the product. For example, if you select to use points for a box of Pro Bloom, the product itself will be free but shipping will be based on the regular product price of $23.99 - which is $5.00. Your total for this purchase will be $5.00.

Where do I redeem my points for free products?

  • Go to our Rewards Redemption page and add your free rewards items to your cart. You must be logged into your account to access your points and checkout.