Wholesale Return Policy

We offer consumers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our line. Consumers should return items within 30 days of purchase. Stores may accept consumer returns after 30 days, at their own discretion. Stores will receive a credit from The Honest Kitchen or their distributor (whomever they purchase THK product from) on all returns they accept, with the exception of any expired store merchandise, which is the store’s own responsibility.

Returns are handled on a case by case basis, and a return form needs to be completed for each item returned, in order for your store to receive credit.*

Return forms can be obtained from The Honest Kitchen if you buy product directly from us (THK), or if you purchase through a distributor, you can obtain a return form through them.

If you purchase your Honest Kitchen products directly from The Honest Kitchen, you will need to submit any completed return forms to The Honest Kitchen in order to receive a credit memo. Please email stores@thehonestkitchen.com to request a return form, which should be completed and faxed to 619-544-0370.

You can contact us directly at 1-866-437-9729, and ask to speak with the wholesale department if you have a question on a return. Please retain the lot code and UPC of the returned item, as the information is needed for our internal records.

We ask that you keep the product in question on hand until the return has been processed. Depending on the circumstances, we may ask that returned items be donated to a local shelter or non-profit organization of your choice (with donation receipt provided for our records), or it may be fed to your employees’ pets! In some cases we require returns to be sent to our office for inspection or laboratory analysis, and in this case we will issue a return shipping label for your convenience.

*Please note - we do not accept returns on expired merchandise.