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Balancing a Sensitive Tummy: Perfect Form

Perfect Form Tea

Perhaps your pup has lapped up some water at the dog park, has eaten something he shouldn't have, or simply has a sensitive tummy? Our Perfect Form is just what we like to have on hand to tackle all sorts of intestinal irritations and upsets that our pets may experience from time to time. This gentle yet very effective supplement helps with issues such as: Gas, irregularity, loose stools, regurgitation, ulcers, IBD, colitis, enteritis, and diarrhea.  It is also a helpful aid during the transition from one type of pet food to another.

Perfect Form may be used on as as-needed basis or routinely if necessary, for both acute and chronic issues. If used long-term, we do recommend taking a short break every couple of weeks or so, for at least 24 hours. Then you can resume as required. The powdered supplement works well with any type of pet food*; dry kibble, canned, frozen, home cooked, as well as dehydrated or freeze-dried blends. It combines especially well with The Honest Kitchen's dehydrated whole foods but can also be used to coat your dog's high quality kibble, too. *Because so many pets are sensitive to grains, we recommend using Perfect Form combined with a grain-free diet for best results.

To receive the most benefit from Perfect Form, we recommend measuring the appropriate amount for your pet, adding a bit of water to make a paste, and then combining this with your pet's meals.  You may also combine with yogurt, cottage cheese or our Ice Pups treat.

The specially selected herbs in Perfect Form work to promote a healthy and balanced digestive tract. They specifically target the gastrointestinal tract to decrease inflammation, combat gas, soothe the stomach and intestinal lining, and achieve a well-formed stool.

Slippery Elm has a very strong affinity for the digestive tract, as well as for the respiratory tract and skin. I is especially good for soothing sensitive or inflamed mucous membranes of the digestive tract. It is good for inflammatory conditions such as gastritis, ulcers, enteritis, colitis, etc.  It is gentle and easy to digest. For diarrhea, it will soothe and act as an astringent. Slippery Elm contains vitamins A, B complex, C, K and high amounts of calcium, magnesium, and sodium. I has demulcent, emollient, nutrient, astringent and vulnerary actions. We like to call Slippery Elm, Perfect Form's "Star Player"!

Fennel is an excellent stomach and intestinal remedy. Fennel relieves intestinal gas, stomach cramps, stimulates digestion and appetite, and is also nutritive and antibacterial. It's primary affinity is to the digestive tract. It provides carminative, aromatic, anti-spasmodic, stimulant, galactogogue, rubefacient, expectorant, anti-emetic, diaphoretic, and hepatic actions. It is a good source of Niacin, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Copper, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C, Folate, Potassium and Manganese.

Papain in an enzyme produced by papaya. It is proteolytic, which means that it digests non-living proteins, breaking down proteins in foods but will not harm living tissue. It improves digestion in general and has been used to treat disorders such as bloating and chronic indigestion. Papain is often included in combinations of digestive enzymes to replace what individuals with cystic fibrosis or pancreas conditions cannot produce naturally. Chemicals in papain may  increase the function of the immune system and promote the release of natural chemicals that attack tumor cells. It may also help decrease inflammation.

Papaya Leaf is a rich source of proteolytic enzymes, helpful in digestion and general disturbances of the digestive tract.  The papaya leaf contains beta-carotene, calcium, carpaine, fats, flavonols, niacin, papain, tannins, and vitamin C (higher concentration than in the fruit). The leaf, unlike the fruit, is not a source of the protein-dissolving enzyme papain, but this is found in the sap of the leaf stem.  The papain remains in preparations that have been dried with low heat, but may be destroyed at high heat.

Organic Pumpkin Seed is a very good source of phosphorous, magnesium and manganese. It is a good source of other minerals including zinc, iron, and copper as well as vitamin K and protein.  It helps to stimulate the appetite and relieve constipation.  The healing properties of pumpkin seed have been studied in relation to its effect on arthritis.  In animal studies, the addition of pumpkin seeds to the diet has compared favorably with the use of the NSAID, Indomethacin, in reducing inflammatory symptoms. 

Plantain eases diarrhea and the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It effectively treats irritations of the stomach and intestinal tract. Plantain has affinities for the digestive and urinary tracts as well as the skin. It provides lubricating, soothing, emollient, astringent, anti-inflammatory actions, protects internal mucous membranes and helps to stop bleeding. Its mucilaginous and astringent qualities make it an excellent remedy for reducing inflammations inside the body. Plantain has also shown to have antibacterial properties and is high in vitamin C, A, and K.

Pectin is a soluble dietary fiber helpful for constipation and diarrhea and to regulate the digestive tract. It is also used in throat lozenges as a demulcent and it also helps to remove cholesterol, toxic metals and residues of radiation from the body.

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