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Discontinuing Several Teas and Supplements

After lots of deliberation, we’ve decided to discontinue several of our herbal teas and supplements for pets. Perfect Form and Pro Bloom will remain, and we’re planning to add some new supplements in the coming months.

Discontinued Teas

Unfortunately, there are too many regulatory challenges to these products, including multiple states who do not approve of several of the herbal ingredients we use (even though the same ingredients are recognized and approved for human use). Removing the herbal ingredients that various states object to, would make these supplements completely ineffective for their intended purposes. The regulatory challenges combined with low sales, has led to our decision to discontinue these products.

As a reminder, the products that are being discontinued are:
Lithe Tea
Easy Peesy Tea
Quiet Tea

We do have a limited supply of most of these products, so you can stock up on if needed, on a first-come, first-served basis. If you do wish to stock up, you can keep these products in a freezer (just as some people store coffee - don’t defrost, just measure out the desired amount for each serving and place back in the freezer after use. They should keep for 2 to 3 years this way).

Once these products are gone, we don’t plan to produce any more for the foreseeable future, however if anything changes on the regulatory side, we’ll definitely look into starting production again! Thanks for your attention to this matter!


Lucy Postins
CEO, The Honest Kitchen

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