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Our New Packaging!

Hello there!

As you may know, we’ve been working jolly hard over the past few months, to give our packaging a lovely new look! I wanted to take a moment to tell you a bit about what we’ve done, and why!

sneak peek

Our New Look

The most important thing I’d like to assure you before I tell you about the designs, is that although our boxes have a brightened up look and feel, the stuff inside is bursting with all the same goodness as before! We’re still the same family-owned company we’ve always been and our food is as good and wholesome as ever – we just fancied a change, and a new look that captures what we stand for – pets before profits, and a genuine love of good food.

Minor Ingredient Tweaks

With a couple of tiny exceptions (changing Whiting to more sustainable Pollock in Zeal and swapping Dandelion Greens for the super-food Chard, in Love and Grace), our ingredient decks are completely unchanged. We’ve also made a very slight amendment to the vitamin premix in Grace, so that it’ll be suitable for both adult cats and kittens – something that customers and vets have been asking for, for a while.

Color Coded Packaging

In re-doing our boxes, we really wanted to help customers choose recipes more easily from within our ever-expanding line, so we’ve done a bit of color coding. Our whole-grain recipes (Verve, Keen and Thrive) will have a nice rich cream-colored background, and our grain-free recipes (Force, Embark, Love and Zeal) will have a pure white background. We’re also really playing up the protein in each recipe, and that will be front and center on the new boxes, with the individual recipe names being a bit less prominent than before. Our base mix diet Preference, will have a bold new all-kraft look so that it stands alone from our complete and balanced diets, and is ready to be joined by two new base-mix ‘sister’ products later this year.

Staff Pet Illustrations

new packaging We’ve gone for a very earthy, foodie look, and we commissioned the brilliant Natalya Zahn of fame, to create some stunning custom water-color paintings of our ingredients, to go in the front of each box. Also (and this is the part we’re super-excited about) she’s painted a few of our Honest Kitchen staff pups and kitties, and they’ll have pride of place on the new boxes, too.

A Big Thank You

Our good friends at Bulldog Drummond, a local branding agency here in San Diego, used their amazing talents to decipher the useful customer feedback we got back from focus groups and translate them into our gorgeous new designs. The files were built by our long term graphic designer, Jen Cadam (who’s also our neighbor-across-the-street from the very first beach cottage where The Honest Kitchen all began!).

We’re really excited to show you our new packaging in a few weeks’ time, and we hope you love it just as much as we do.

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