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Pro Bloom: a unique product and a unique process

pro bloom dogs

We’re so happy to hear all the buzz and positive feedback from customers who’ve already tried Pro Bloom!

Pro Bloom is human-grade and made in the USA from pasture-raised, free-ranging goat’s milk in the Pacific Northwest. It’s naturally free of pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones and antibiotics. With 5 million active probiotic cultures and a full spectrum of digestive enzymes added, Pro Bloom is wonderful for pets in need of digestive support.

Probiotics are essential for proper immune system support at the gut level. Pro Bloom has a variety of other uses including:

  • weaning puppies and kittens
  • adding much needed moisture to kibble
  • a palatable and nutritious treat
  • replenishing healthy gut bacteria after a course of antibiotics

How it’s made

The production of Pro Bloom, as with all our products, is a very delicate balancing act between food safety, the ability to actually sell an item in interstate commerce, and processing as minimally as possible.

The fresh raw milk is pasteurized for safety and stability, but the whole point of Pro Bloom is that any enzymes and probiotics that are lost in the process are actually added back after the milk has been pasteurized and dehydrated. There are 5 billion live cultures in every cup of milk, and these are added to the goat’s milk after drying.

The way the milk is dried is much gentler than conventional high heat production of some milk products. It’s a process called Refractance Window® Drying, which uses infrared and hot water to dry the milk below 70 C (158F). Independent testing by Washington State University has demonstrated that the drying method used for our milk gives superior color, flavor, aroma, and nutrient retention. Other methods of drying usually require much longer periods of exposed heat and higher temperatures, eliminating many of the valuable nutrients. Refractance Window Drying also has low environmental impact and uses less energy than conventional dried-milk production methods.

Of course, it’s not the same as fresh milk, but the trade off is a shelf stable product that doesn't have to be refrigerated or frozen. I think there will be customers for both types of products; those who demand a truly raw form and those who like the idea of a potent probiotic / enzyme supplement in a really delicious, appealing format! For customers who do want a truly raw product, there are some already available on the market that we love, such as Answers, which is frozen.

We hope your pets enjoy our new take on Probiotic Goat’s Milk, with Pro Bloom.

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